Sacred Herbs and Tools that Powerfully Increase Sex Drive

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How to Improve Your Sex Game Naturally

Sex. For most, a fun and fulfilling thing to do with your partner. However, the stress and woes of life can bring us down and turn down the mood. This isn’t just a ‘dude’ problem fellas, no. Women can also undergo a loss in libido. Luckily, Ayurveda has natural solutions and practices that can help boost one’s libido. If you fear your problem may be more severe in nature it is best to consult our doctors.

Ayurvedic Practices for Good Sex

Let’s first talk about sex. To get it right there are few practices one should follow. The first is don’t force it, if you’re not in the mood there is probably a good reason for it and you should address it first. For instance if you are angry, or upset with your day, it isn’t recommended to have sex. Additionally, there are further practices to follow.

It is best to have sex after 10 pm. It is also recommended to wait at least 2 hours before having sex. Doing so will increase the female libido naturally. This period, especially during a full moon, is where our stamina and passions run highest.

The second key factor to a pleasurable evening is preparation into what goes before. You can set the mood by using music and fragrances from essential oils. You may even indulge in foreplay with a massage.

Herbs for Female Sex Drive

As mentioned before, an overly hectic lifestyle can also decrease one’s libido. This coupled with poor lifestyle choices like excessive drinking or smoking can lead other pathologies as well. However, Ayurveda does have a few herbal libido boosters for women that can be used to help facilitate coitus.

Take Gokshura once daily after meals with milk or fruit juice. You can find it here.

Shatavari is the best Ayurvedic sexual tonic for women. It stimulates the production of estrogen, which boosts libido and also lubricates the pelvic organs. You can find the herb at our shop here.

In most cases, a decrease in desire is rooted in some sort of pathology or disorder. It can be rooted in psychological causes or simply ageing. We hope these methods helps rekindle your passion for your partner.


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