Shun The Phone: How To Focus Better

by Zan Kokalj
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Have you ever found yourself pointlessly browsing through your phone or computer? You’re not alone. With all the distractions around us nowadays, it is very hard to focus and stay away from our phones.

By learning how to get rid of distractions and better manage your time, you will be able to improve your focus and begin living a healthier life.

Check out this cheat sheet and train yourself to ditch the phone and focus on tasks at hand.

How to Gradually Ditch Your Phone

Most of us have become too attached to our gadgets to simply let go. Nevertheless, here are the tips that will help you do this gradually and help you regain your focus.

  • Turn off the notifications – You cannot possibly remain focused with all that beeping and vibrations around you.
  • Turn the phone off at times – Make it a habit of pressing the shutdown button from time to time.
  • Keep limited social media accounts and games – If you can’t do that, try to delete the related apps from the phone.
  • Make your home screen blank – Move all of the apps to other screens.
  • Keep your phone in a specific place – Don’t carry it with you all the time.

Engage in Physical Activities

Engage in physical exercises, and you’ll see just how little you require your phone. Exercising improves our blood circulation and increases our brain’s cognitive abilities. This will allow us to focus on matters at hand and avoid fatigue easily.

Physical activity also boosts our production of endorphins, which are responsible for putting us in a good mood. Furthermore, it will help you stay healthy, reduce stress levels, and stay active.

Are you in need of a quick energy boost?

  • Do intense cardio exercises such as jumping jacks for three minutes.
  • Take a quick 10-minute power nap to refresh your brain.

Train Your Mind

Our brain is programmed to follow the patterns that we provide it with, but remember that old habits die hard. Therefore, proper approach and patience are required before you’ll be able to stop checking the phone all the time and start focusing.

Here are the steps to follow that will help you focus:

  1. Prepare well for your tasks. Take a minute or two to relax before
  2. Make sure you understand what you need to focus on and what you need to do.

More Ways to Increase Focus

Things around us are not the only factors that impact our focus. It’s not surprising that what goes down our throat also affects our health and the way our mind performs. Diet is often the key to solving both physical and mental ailments.

Avoid refined sugar, sodium-dense food, alcohol, and caffeine.

  • By causing drastic blood sugar fluctuations, sugary foods lead to poor concentration and irritability. High sodium levels, on the other hand, cause an excessive amount of fluids to remain in our body and put extra pressure on our heart, leading to decreased energy levels.
  • Alcoholic and caffeinated drinks have many beneficial properties. Nevertheless, the consumption has to be maintained. Excess alcohol and caffeine in the body feed the stress levels and makes it harder for us to concentrate.

Tip: Replace your next processed snack with a vitamin and mineral booster such as Ayurvedic Anti Stress Tea, Fruit Medley, or Cream & Onion Wholewheat Thins. You should also opt for healthy smoothies instead of coffee.

Wrapping Up

leave your phone behind - look up - focus better

Whether it’s a phone or some other gadget, getting distracted is easy. It has indeed become complex to focus on important things and stay away from our phones.

From your phone to your lifestyle to the food that you eat, these are all the factors that impact your ability to focus. By learning how to get rid of the distractions and better manage your time, you will be able to improve your focus.


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