Six Tips to Holi-Proof Your Hair and Skin

by Allayurveda
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Our Guide To Holi Hair and Skin Care

Happy Holi! Are you feeling blue? Well, maybe not feeling blue but you may feel like you went 10 rounds with an octopus. Now you are covered in ink. Perhaps you think you may resemble a Smurf. If you’re feeling the buyer’s remorse from your Holi festivities, and would like to go back to the natural tone of your birthday suit, we have some post Holi skin and hair care tips and tricks for you.

Ayurveda for Your Skin

Whether you are celebrating Holi in India or going for a color run abroad, the reality is that color is damaging for both your skin and hair. Maybe you dig looking like the incredible Hulk, but no one else is green with envy. Let’s get at after some Holi skin care tips for you.

We get it, we love playing Holi too. There tricks and tips you can try that include pre and post Holi playing shenanigans.

Pre-Holi Shenanigans Tip #1

Your skin can soak up the colors, especially if they are artificial ones. Use some gentle oils like coconut oil or olive oil to moisturize your skin. You can find none artificial ones listed below. Using an oil provides a protective layer that prevents you looking #smurflike.

Pre-Holi Shenanigans Tip #2

Apply lip balm. It’s counter-intuitive when you think about it, but all that water and color is going to dry up your skin. Especially your lips. Pick a high quality lip balm with natural butters to keep your lips protected.

Pre-Holi Shenanigans Tip #3

Protect thy cuticles. Using a simple oil or rub lip balm over your nails can prevent them from color staining.

Pre-Holi Shenanigans Tip #4

We are never too tired of coconut oil. Massage your hair with some oil thoroughly to prevent your hair getting dry and damaged throughout the day.

Post-Holi Shenanigans Tip#5

Did someone say coconut oil? Well, turns out you can use this oil on your skin again, simply apply and wipe off and watch the colors peel away.

Post-Holi Shenanigans Tip #6

Now that you’re done with your shenanigans. You need to give your hair the TLC it deserves. If you used some oil on your hair you’re on your way with our Holi hair care tips, but it’s now time to clean it up. Crack a left over egg on your noggin. Well, just use egg yolk as a hair pack on your hair.

Then wash off using a gentle natural shampoo that is free of sulfates. Follow with a conditioner that is cone-free for soft, smooth hair.

For and in depth guide with additional tips check out the video below.


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