Skin Care Tips For People With Diabetes

by Mradula Mahajan
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As many as one in three people with diabetes will deal with some type of skin disorder in their lifetime. Skin care is more than just applying cosmetics, especially if you are suffering from diabetes.

A diabetic’s skin is not capable of restoring moisture in the skin, and gets dry and crack easily. The good news is that most of these skin-related conditions are easily treatable. If caught and managed at the initial stage, you can protect your skin against dryness, soreness, and other complications.

Why skin is prone to dryness when suffering from diabetes?

Diabetes even affects the sweat glands of our body, which helps keep skin moisturized and soft. This further reduces the perspiration of the skin.

Elevated blood sugar levels cause damaged nerves and result in a loss of feeling. Under such conditions, it might not be possible for a diabetic to be on a constant lookout for injuries or simple cuts that can lead to serious skin problems.

Luckily, there are many proactive steps that can assist in treating skin conditions for people with diabetes.

Diabetes and Your Skin

best Diabetes Skincare tips

No Hot Water Baths for You

Hot showers might feel good at the time, but bathing in hot water can dry skin out. You are prone to burns from hot water, if you have diabetic neuropathy that causes numbness in hands and feet. Read more about the benefits of taking a cold shower.

Do Not Use Harsh Chemical Products

Related to diabetes or not, itchy and dry skin conditions can become agitated if harmful skincare products are used. Try to use mild and gentle soap that is chemical-free such as Kairali’s handmade neem soap.

Lock in That Moisture

Moisturize your skin on regular basis. This is an important step when it comes to taking care of your skin. Make it a habit to apply moisturizer immediately after taking a bath to prevent dryness. Alternatively, you can also use Kairali’s Kairkare body massage oil, leave it on for 30 minutes and wash it off to get relief from itchy skin.

Watch Out for Cuts

Since your skin becomes sensitive when suffering from diabetes, be sure to apply sterile gauze pads on any open wounds, cuts, or burns to avoid further infection. Do not self-medicate, instead consult your doctor before using any antifungal or antibiotic cream or gel.

Add a Humidifier

To keep your skin healthy and moisturized, try using a humidifier in your bedroom while sleeping. This is particularly important for winters, as cold and dry winter air can cause itchy or inflamed skin.

Treat Chapped Lips

Dry or cracked lips can also catch an infection and should be well taken care of. Lip balms can help soothe chapped areas.

Do Not Forget Those Feet

You can avoid injuries in your feet by making sure that you wear comfortable footwear. Proper shoes and sandals will protect your feet from cuts, swelling, and infected toenails. Remember to dry your feet after the shower and clean properly between your toes.

To Sum Up

how to care for Diabetes Skin

High blood sugar levels can become a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. It will reduce the body’s ability to heal itself. The above diabetes skin care tips will be a helpful practical guide which can easily be included in your skincare routine. Healthy skin is your best defense against skin complications in diabetes!


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