Summer Camp May Just Be the Best Thing for Your Kid

by Allayurveda
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Today’s new age parents are all about creating healthy lifestyles for kids. With summer just around the corner, most enthusiastic parents are already planning outdoor activities for their kids. We thought we’d help you guys out by putting together a quick guide on why joining summer camp or the scouts is one of the best healthy life choices for kids.

  • Try building healthy eating habits for your kids gradually. Don’t dictate what your kids should or should not eat. The more you dictate, the less they will enjoy eating what you tell them to. Try to naturally stock your kitchen with healthy foods, they will inevitably start eating what’s around and get in the groove of these healthy habits.
  • Kids tend to get overwhelmed when they are hungry and eat very quickly. Most of the times they end up swallowing without chewing. Encourage your kids to stat eating slowly. When they chew their food well, it promotes healthy digestion and complete absorption of the nutrients from the food.
  • Encourage your kids to drink plenty of water. We all know how important drinking water is. It’s the best to flush out toxins and stimulate healthy functioning of the organs, it’s also great for your skin. Keep reminding them to drink plenty of water.

Why Summer Camp?


It will teach your kids to stop depending on you as parents for everything in their life. Small things like washing the dishes, cleaning up after themselves, getting their own food. Very important habits which should be developed at a younger age. It’s almost like that time when you push them to walk on their own feet. Summer camp is phenomenal for your kids health and wellness


Today, it’s really hard to get your kids away from all the materialistic distractions around us. When we were young, sunday morning meant playing ball all morning, that’s unfortunately not the case anymore. Today’s kids are all about their smartphones, tablets and smart TV’s. Sending them to a summer camp will encourage them to bond a little with nature and enjoy it a lot more than they otherwise would.

Physical and Mental Wellness

Summer camps are packed with lots of fun outdoor activities which will challenge your kids to excel physical and automatically improve their physical fitness. It helps them gain agility and good to know survival hacks. It also helps them improve their problem solving skills and survival skills. It also boosts their observational skills, and using basic fundamental tools like a compass. It also helps them develop their emotional skills like courage, trust and self confidence

Now that we’ve established that summer camp can actually save your kids from getting sucked into the bonds of technology, enrol them for one today!


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