Swim to Get Slim: Pool Exercises to Tone Your Thighs

by Allayurveda
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Love the deep waters? Here’s some good news. Swimming is an excellent way to get toned muscles. Not only do you get a full body workout, it’s a low impact way to get trim without having to strain your bones and joints. The pool is, in fact, the best place for building core strength while boosting heart health. Here are some pool exercises for legs to tone your thighs and get your endurance levels up.

1. Do those laps

Swimming laps is one of the best water workout routines that will tone all the muscles of your body and supercharge your core strength. Choose your favorite stroke and stick to it or change it up if you will. The fact is that all swimming strokes work just as well in giving you one of the best workouts possible and leave you feeling invigorated.

2. Walk walking, jogging, bicycling

Who says that these exercises are only to be done on land? Doing them in water can sculpt your legs and core if you perform them in the shallow end of the pool. Water walking/jogging/bicycling are water aerobics exercises that will blast fat right out of your thighs.

Here’s how to water walk:

  • Stand straight in the shallow end of the pool (water at 4 feet).
  • Keeping your back straight, lift your knee towards your chest.
  • Squeeze your abdominal muscles as you raise your knee.

Water bicycling is simply about leaning back against the side of the pool with your arms outstretched. You can now “pedal” legs at the water’s surface, against water resistance.

3. Leg lifts

These aqua exercises are best done at the deep end of the pool. Hold onto edge of pool, arms extended and extend your torso out into the water ahead. Then, follow these steps to do some power-crunchin’ leg lifts:

  • Raise your knees to your chest level like in water walking.
  • Spread your legs and bring them together again.
  • Keeping your legs straight, lift them into or out of the water behind you, clenching your buttocks as you do this.

4. Treading tracks

Imagine that you are standing with both feet inside of railway tracks. Keep your arms at your sides, raise your knee and step outside the right track with some force. Do the same with your left leg. After you have landed both your feet, squat and raise your arms to your sides. Stand up, lower your arms, and do this again by reversing your actions. This step you will be stepping inside the tracks.

Doing these exercises circuit-style (one after another with no rest in between), you can pump up your heart rate and get a thigh-toning workout in barely 20 minutes.


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