Take Care of Your Little Sis or Bro with These Natural Immune Boosters

by Allayurveda
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Taking Care of Our Immunity

Are you the type of big bro or sis, that in between poundings really do care about your sibling. Well we’ve compiled a list of herbal remedies for immune system that you can grab in a pinch for your little loved one. These immune boosters are key in keeping our systems primed for any infection that may be thrown our way.

In Ayurveda, a lot of our strength in the immunity is attributed to the power of our digestion. But in addition to this, our immunity strength is built up on ojas. The stronger our ojas, the better our immunity is in defense to various diseases and conditions.

Food for Immunity

So if you’re reading on the first thing to do for your little sibling is to make sure they are eating right. Check if they have a balanced meal of carbs, proteins and fats. The trick here is to ensure you are eating your meals at regular intervals. This is one of the key ways to natural white blood cell boosters. White blood cells are important for taking care of any nasty disease that comes our way. In addition, make sure your brother or sister stays hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Here’s a trick, ask your mom or dad, or if you are old enough to cook yourself adding garlic into your meals is a great herb for immune support. It is antibacterial too!

Sleep for Immunity

The next most important thing to do is listen to your body. Most times your kid sis or bro is bounding with energy, except when they are sick. Even before they may get sick, it is important that they get sleep. A full eight hours of rest. This is very important!

Herbal Immune Boosters

Now here is a list of easy natural immune building herbs

Sitopaladi Churna: This is a sweet treat, that apart from tasting great is also a very powerful immunity booster. Also great for coughs and cold too. Also did we mention it tastes great?

Chyawanprash is another option. It is an Ayurvedic jam that can be eaten by itself or mixed into milk. Chyawanprash is great for boosting your immune system and reducing stress. You can just take one or two teaspoons daily. You can find it here.

You can also add turmeric to your food. Turmeric is also a means purifying the blood and strengthening our tummy's digestive power. If you don’t like turmeric, these tablets are a better option.

Lastly, ginger. A staple in Indian cooking, ginger can be used in tea or directly in cooking. We personally recommend it for its throat soothing attributes. So seep some in herbal tea and have a good one.

Give these herbal immune boosters a shot to keep your little one safe and strong.


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