Tennis knee and Runners Feet: are their natural solutions to this

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Take Away Tendon Pain Naturally

We’re an active lot here at allAyurveda. we play various sports, from being a gym rat and crossfit to jiu jitsu and tennis and squash players in house. We also have the odd workaholic here, furiously hammering this fingertips at the keyboard in record speed. All these activities, even the daily ones, like going to work can rack up a toll on your body, specifically the joints. Think of a door’s creaky hinge. Rigours activities with heavy joint movement, naturally, can increase the wear and tear on these joints, bones and ligaments. Ayurveda aims at fixing our rickety joints to prevent runner’s knee, and find a cure for tennis elbow permanently.

What is Tendonitis?

Tendonitis occurs when tendon becomes inflamed. A tendon is a tissue which connects muscle o the bone. Strenuous activity can inflame the tendon, this can occur in most cases due to irregular joint movements or poor form. Inflamed tendons may rupture or tear.

What are the Symptoms of tendonitis?

The most common symptoms is pain, some others may include:

  • Difficulty with proper or full range of motion
  • Cracking sensation when moving the joint
  • A lump along the tendon
  • A burning or hot feeling

Herbal Remedies for Tendonitis

First thing’s first, get it checked by a medical examiner. Or consult our doctors.

In Ayurveda there are natural remedies for addressing tendonitis. These include:

Rest (nothing will beat it, and your tendons need it).

Take Curcumin tablets twice a day after meals You may use curcumin for pain.

Contrast showers or contrast compresses work wonders here. They work by increasing blood circulation to the affected area.

Don’t skip on exercise: after you’ve rested bring it back in with light workouts with proper form. Form is crucial to prevent further injuries. Make sure you warm up and cool down too! Try this workout routine specifically for tendonitis below.


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