That Bar of White Chocolate May Not Be as Bad for You

by Allayurveda
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White chocolate has ironically always been the dark horse of the chocolate family. Health-wise white chocolate has always been a big no no. In the race of health benefits of white chocolate vs dark chocolate, dark chocolate always seems to win. There are, however, some surprising white chocolate health benefits which you may not have known of.


White chocolate is derived from milk solids, cocoa butter and sugar. Cocoa butter in turn, is derived from the cacao plant which is known for its antioxidant properties. The key is to ensure that you are buying high quality white chocolate as they use pure cocoa butter as a source of fat. Lower priced white chocolates tend to use palm oil as a substitute for cocoa butter. Pure cocoa butter does not contain trans fat, so make sure you check the ingredients carefully to ensure your chocolate does not contain trans fat. Like we said, we have listed a few white chocolate nutrition facts below to help you enjoy this treat guilt-free. Of course, everything is good in moderation, as always.



White chocolate is known to have a lot more calories as compared to dark chocolate or milk chocolate. Now, we know calories is one of the most feared words in the health dictionary as of today. What if there was someone who has lost a ton of weight due to an illness or someone who just generally needs to bulk up and get a little padding the healthy way? For people like these, a few extra calories won’t do much harm. White chocolate’s excess calories may actually prove to be useful for these people.


White chocolate is derived from cocoa butter which is made from the cacao plant. The cacao plant has been known to have antioxidants like flavonoids. We all know that foods with antioxidant properties are good for you. They help fight against free radicals and can improve your overall health.


Apart from these, white chocolate contains low theobromine levels, making it less toxic for dogs (Heya! pet owners). It has been said to benefit platelet functions, improve cardiovascular health and also help lower high blood pressure due to it antioxidant properties.



Even though cocoa butter contains high amounts of saturated fats, studies have shown that it does not have that high an effect on cholesterol as other foods that contain similar saturated fat contents. This is due to the high stearic acid content in it. This means that if you are consuming foods with saturated fats and you want to watch the cholesterol levels at the same time, white chocolate is your pick.



One of the ingredients of white chocolate is milk. Since it is made with milk, it contains a good amount of calcium. Calcium makes your teeth and bones strong, and at the same time helps normal functioning of your heart muscles too. So if you are not a big fan of milk, you can look to white chocolate as a healthy milk chocolate for your daily dose of calcium once in a while.


So if you always thought white chocolate was the black sheep of the family, you now have a few reasons to enjoy it.


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