That Glazed Doughnut Might Just Be a Better Breakfast than a Bagel

by Allayurveda
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If you thought that doughnuts were the worst junk food breakfast item ever, get this:

Doughnuts were fed to World War II soldiers as a healthy breakfast option.

But today, the health police will be out to get you should you say the D word. Somehow, a certain chain of stores that specializes in donuts has caused people to go into a frenzy of blaming the fat-kid generation on this glazed member of the bread family. While we may blame the damnation of the doughnut’s bad rep to Homer Simpson’s poor PR skills, here’s a look at the reality of what we *do* actually consider a good breakfast in terms on nutrition.

While you might not really be counting, a glazed doughnut at said donut chain store is 260 calories. Now, believe it or not but it’s not the most high-calorie breakfast out there ‘cause here are four alternatives that have the gut-buster scale hit the top note.

1. Biscuits

Ah! Those quintessential breakfast options that you can have with your morning cup o’ Joe and feel happy about (because they are “thins”, aren’t they?) Spare a thought for the fact that they are like little hockey pucks made of refined flour and animal fat. They are guaranteed to sit like rocks in the pit of your stomach for the entire day sending out little packets of unhealthy stuff into your gut.

2. Croissants

You know this is the go-to healthy breakfast option if you’ve ever walked into those quaint French patisseries. But these butter bombs are going to blast you with empty calories and fats. An average guy runs you up by 330 calories, and is painfully deficient of anything substantial in terms of protein or whole grain. The same goes for the other items stocked in those bakery cases right next to the croissants – Danishes and scones. Keep walking right past.

3. Bagels

The bagel vs donut difference? Not so much if you take a quick calorie count. Reality will hit you harder if you’ve been presumptuously picking bagels over doughnuts because they clock in at 310 calories. Given the one-and-a-half-donuts worth of health-harming sugars in them, we’d suggest you turn your nose up at them for a change.

4. Whole-grain breads

The number of whole wheats and grains just fail in comparison when you find out that one slice of whole-grain bread has the same amount of sugar as a doughnut. Please don’t fall for this classic marketing gimmick that feeds off on your well-founded shunning of refined flour. Companies try to mimic the sweet taste of white breads by putting in even more of the sweet stuff into whole grain loaves.

Now that neon pink doughnut doesn’t seem all that bad, does it?


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