The 1 Habit That Will Help You Feel More Calm and Productive

by Allayurveda
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What does a CEO, Motivational Coach/ Investor, and a best selling Author have in common? The answer is surprisingly simple, yet the effect is profound. Follow this one habit for keeping calm in stressful situations, having a productive day, and a bountiful life.

What is a habit?

A habit can simply be described as a repetitive behavior, or set of behaviors. But here’s the clincher, what makes a habit stick? A study from the University College London found that, opposed to conventional 21 day wisdom, it takes 66 days to form a lasting habit. Additionally, another study examining flossing habits, revealed that one’s attitude towards approaching and developing a new habit, can affect the longevity of it. This simply means that those participants who were eager to form healthy lasting habits, were most likely to succeed in forming, and keeping them. There in lies your prerogative: the formulation of a healthy habit leading to a better quality of life.


Best selling Author Tim Ferris is the intellectual, and sometimes physical test driver of the human condition. In his books the 4-hour body, 4-hour work week, and 4-hour chef, he deconstructs simple steps leaders in various fields take in order to succeed respectively. If you’re looking for the skinny on this works, you can find it here.

One universal habit they all practice is called priming. Tony Robbins coined this word; but simply, it refers to a simple morning routine or ritual. World renowned authors, CEOs and investors use ‘Priming’ in the morning, to tackle the rest of their day.

Here is What the Titans Do


The morning routine always starts with a great night’s sleep. Try this as a sleep aid, if sleep evades you.


Their morning’s start with some sort of meditation, this does not need to be transcendental meditation, or where you’re sitting cross-legged for 20 minutes. Arnold Schwarzenegger for example, exercises as his form of meditation. In essence it is the act of being completely aware of oneself for a brief period of time. Meditation is simply one of the best relaxation techniques, and an almost surefire way to calm down while managing stress. How you want to achieve that is up for grabs.


Often times we go through life not realizing what is right in front of us. Some of these titans have come from having nothing, they had to practice gratitude in simple things like having a meal before them. The art of gratitude has been taught in various books like "The Secret" as well, which teaches one a mindset of always seeing the world as bountiful.


The reality is simple, and through the habit of Priming, it is changeable. But what you are really doing is starting your day off to your own beat and rhythm. In effect, setting the tone for the rest of the day. Making Priming a habit will ensure that you have the ability to keep calm, relax, and maintain the clarity of mind to make everyday your best. So grab that cuppa‘ and get after it!


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