The Beach Body Supermodel Diet Guide to Clear Glowing, Skin

by Allayurveda
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With summer fast approaching there is no better time to show the world your beautiful mugs. If you want to have the face of a deity we’ve got you covered. Follow these simple clear skin tips to get that glowing, clear, acne free skin.

Sure, you could be thinking – why food for glowing skin? Or foods that could help acne go away? You could just get a topical treatment and be beach ready. Where that may be a quick fix, poor looking skin has a root cause and that’s a poor diet.

There is a saying that goes along the lines of what you put inside, is what you get on the outside. Several studies are based on that premise, and have shown that there is a direct causal relationship between what you eat, and how you look and feel. Eating the right foods can strengthen, tighten and even give your visage a brighter appearance.

So how do you pick the right foods? Often times products and foods branded as healthy will just not cut it on the road to healthier skin. Top celebrity dermatologists would tell you that despite having a complete skin care ritual, breakouts and damaged skins are caused by fad diets. Even seemingly healthy snacks like protein bars can lead to poor skin.

With that in mind let’s get into our clear skin diet food guide!

  1. Fish: Specifically salmon or tuna, these beauties help break down protein and provide essential Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin B that prevent your skin from looking scaly.
  2. Chia seeds: If you are vegetarian these little babies are your primary fish alternative!
  3. Sweet potatoes: Packed with energy these bountiful buds are rich in minerals and water. Accompany your sweet potatoes with other veggies like carrots, spinach and peppers to give your skin a vibrant, lively look.
  4. Almonds: These are packed with Vitamin E and have an emulating effect similar to sunscreen (but do not leave home without your SPF!).
  5. Complex Carbs: Carbs are vital not only for energy but regulating insulin levels. In regards to skin, complex carbs like whole grains reduce inflammation and acne breakouts.
  6. OJ; Yes OJ, or if you have the stomach for it you could try biting down on some chili peppers. Chow down on some chili or drink some OJ for your daily dose of Vitamin C. It’s crucial for maintaining collagen levels responsible for smooth flawless skin.
  7. Probiotics: They are helpful in reducing inflammation in the gut, which may help break the acne cycle.

If you really want to that Edward Cullen shiny vampire glimmer, work up a sweat to accompany these tips. But for now, that’s all folks! Eat well and live well.


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