The Fabulous Phalsa Fruit for Blood Pressure Stability

by Allayurveda
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Phalsa Fruit and Jamun for Healthy Blood

Phalsa fruit, also known as falsa fruit, and the jamun (black plum) are the only two fruits you are going to need for arteries and blood that are as clean as a whistle. Here’s why.

Health Benefits of the Falsa Fruit

This is especially good to eat in summers as it provides a cooling effect and helps soothe Pitta dosha. Apart from which, these phalsa berries are packed with a whole host of health benefits. Ranging from digestive to heart problems. Let’s look at some of the benefits our body may gain from the phalsa fruit.

Falsa Fruit for Your Health

The fruit if eaten slightly unripe can have massive benefits for a variety of ailments, including anti-inflammatory properties. It can additionally be used to treat respiratory and heart problems as well as the common fever. Nom Nom.

Apart from cooling you over the hot summer months, the fruit is packed with antioxidants, and some studies have even shown to reduce the risk of cancer (but please do consult a doctor if you suspect you may be seriously ill). Check our Doc Consult for more information.

The Falsa fruit’s juice is shown to have digestive properties which can aid in stomachaches as well as have stabilizing properties on blood pressure and thereby regulate heart rate.

For your heart, try this: Add some salt and black pepper to 50 ml of phalsa fruit juice. Take when feeling uncomfortable or twice daily. You can add rock candy to sweeten it if it’s too acrid or bitter, but we suggest against that. That’s your remedy – phalsa fruit for blood pressure.

Jamun for Your Blood Sugar

It might be almost counter-intuitive to think that having a fruit could be beneficial for blood sugar. But this is something you may want to think about when considering the jamun fruit. As a disclaimer when making dietary changes as a diabetic, even if considering jamun for blood sugar control, do consult a physician or our doctors.

The primary ingredient within the jamun fruit is a chemical known as jamboline, found mainly in the seeds. It has been shown to reduce the risk of diabetes and can lower blood sugar levels for longer. You can supplement this or drink the juice itself. Here is where you can find some.

As you can tell using these power fruits, falsa fruit and jamun, can have massive benefits for your heart and blood health. Not to mention some other added benefits as a plus!


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