The Knowledge from The Gods to Us in Ayurveda

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Where Did Ayurveda Come from?

India. In a word, but there is a lot more to it. The history of Ayurveda dates back to over 5000 years. Ayurveda is a system of medicine that believes in incorporating a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise to stay hale and hearty.

Origin and Development of Ayurveda

The history of Ayurveda is, as mentioned above, expansive and ranges over five millennia. The Vedas or the classical Ayurvedic texts start of as being accounts of transmission between Gods to sages in regards to healing, life, holistic practices, and the study of medicine. This was then passed onto teachers. It is said that the God of Ayurveda Dhanvantari incarnated himself as a king and taught medicine to a group of doctors.

Ayurveda is built on eight elements or pillars these are:

  • K—yacikits—: General medicine

  • Kaum—ra-bhö__tya: Child rearing

  • _alyatantra: Surgical treatment

  • _—l—kyatantra: Treatment of ears, eyes, nose, mouth, etc.

  • Bh‰tavidy—: Addressing people afflicted by spirit possession

  • Agadatantra: Toxicology

  • Ras—yanatantra: Tonics for immunity, strength and longevity

  • V—j—‰karaö_šatantra: Treatments for sexual disorders or to increase prowess

Over this time the study and treatment of Ayurveda has become a science. Medicinal compounds, treatments and practices have evolved, and some even abandoned in order to keep Ayurveda relevant. Today, Ayurvedic treatment examines how an individual reacts to their environment while examining his or her mind, body and soul. Ayurvedic remedies, therefore, are individualistic in nature.

Ayurvedic treatment involves a holistic process that tailors to each individual specifically. As mentioned earlier, a study of how a person lives and how they interact with their environment will allow an Ayurvedic physician to prepare treatment. You can consult our doctors here if you require more information or are thinking of a consultation yourself.

What brings about sickness?

The understanding of sickness and application of Ayurveda is broken down into what we eat and what we do. Imbalances in these two aspects of living can cause a disruption in our natural biorhythms or energies known as doshas. We are all made up of varying levels of three doshas, Pitta, Vata or Kapha. We all have one that dominates the others, but that may change over time and is natural. You can find your main dosha here. However, sudden or abrupt changes to any dosha can bring about illnesses. Ayurvedic treatment will aim at balancing these doshas to bring your body back into natural harmony. If you are looking for specific advice on an ailment from diabetes to headaches, check out our Blog or Knowledge Center on

That’s it! A small brief guide on the history of Ayurveda.


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