The Perfect Skin Care Rituals for Skin Like Katrina’s

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We all want to have a super hot Katrina Kaif body. You can now have that with just a little care for your skin and body combined. You don’t have to work extra hard or spend too much money. Just follow a few rituals for your skin and body care to get there.

Skin Care Rituals

Take a look at some of the best skin care routines for flawless skin.

Your Skin Type

Before starting a skin care or body care routine it’s very important to first understand your skin type. Here are a few indicators.

Dry skin: Flaky or rough; can also have a scaly appearance

Oily skin: Usually feels greasy and looks shiny

Combination skin: Will be dry in some areas like the cheeks; can get greasy around areas with lots of pores like the chin, forehead and nose


Let’s understand how important it really is to cleanse your skin at least twice a day. Your skin is constantly exposed to pollution, dust and chemicals. It’s very important to get all of this off your skin and allow your pores to breathe.

Don’t just buy any face wash or use a body soap for your skin. Your face skin tends to be more sensitive than other body parts. It’s important that you use something mild and gentle for your face. It’s equally vital to choose your face wash as per your skin type. Neem and aloe face cleansers are considered the best for all skin types in Ayurveda. They work wonders for your skin and keep infections at bay.

It’s always best to use a toner for your face after cleansing. Another important aspect to your face care routine is to always moisturize, irrespective of your skin type. Sometimes if we have oily skin, we try to avoid moisturizing. This is the worst thing you can do to your face. If you have oily skin, choose a gel-based moisturizer but always moisturize at night.

Body Care

Dry brushing is one of the most sought after body care techniques out there. It tends to have the best long term results in keeping the skin healthy. Even two minutes of dry brushing daily can get rid of cellulite and improve skin texture. Dry brushing improves the quality of your skin from the inside if done correctly. It is gentle enough to move our lymph and it stimulates blood circulation for more oxygen. It also helps repair connective tissue which makes your skin look firm and tight.

How to perform garshana or dry brushing:

  • Start with mini-circular motions around the chest, near the heart. This stimulates the vessels and drainage points.
  • Move to the bottom of your feet and gently brush with upward strokes. Try to use a natural fiber brush for best results. Continue doing this on both legs.
  • Slowly start to move upward toward your hips with the same stroking technique. Once you have reached the hips, move to a circular motion again around the tummy. Try to practice the same techniques on the back of your thighs, back and underarms.

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