The Power of Milk for Beautiful Skin and Hair

by Allayurveda
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Top 5 Reasons to Use Raw Milk for Skin and Hair

We bet you didn’t know some of these amazing benefits of using raw milk. Milk for hair loss? Milk for skin pores? Whitening? Don’t break a sweat, check out our top 5 beauty secrets of raw milk below.

Raw Milk Uses for Hair and Skin

Raw milk is not only cheaper than its pasteurized counterpart but it is also full of nutrients and vitamins like Vitamins A, B6, D, B12 (synonymous with treating depression), and proteins. Not only is it nutritious it can also be incredibly nourishing for your skin and hair. Let’s get to some milk beauty tips.

Raw Milk: A Facial Cleanser

Milk is an excellent cleanser for face care but it is 100% au naturel. Let us explain: You might think that using raw milk on your face would clog your pores but it doesn’t. It acts as a gentle lubricant, dislodging dead skin and blackheads on your face, and cleansing your pores. When used with steaming, the results are just amazing!

Try this: Take two tablespoons of raw milk and dip a cotton ball. Gently squeeze out the excess and run the cotton over your face and neck. Notice how it picks up dirt. Wash your face gently with warm water to get rid of dead skin particles.

Raw Milk Moisturizer

If you suffer from especially dry skin using the above mentioned cleansing routine could be simply good enough! Using our method you won’t need an external moisturizer. But if you are looking for a moisturizing raw milk mask we have a solution for you. Take half a cup of cold raw milk and a few bananas. Mash thoroughly and apply as a mask on your face for 30 mins. Rinse thoroughly and feel fresh and amazing.

Raw Milk Rejuvenating Bath

You’ve probably seen this in some sort of soap commercial. Some beauty emerging from a milk bath. Or perhaps you read this in your history textbook about the Egyptians. The reason is because raw milk as mentioned above, is a natural cleanser and has moisturizing properties. Simply brew yourself a warm bath of raw milk and water, in a 1:3 part mixture respectively. Sit, soak and feel like Cleopatra.

Raw Milk for Hair Loss

In addition to your skin one of the best uses of raw milk is its treatment for hair loss in women. The vitamins and proteins like casein protein, help nourish, strengthen and moisturize your hair particles. In addition, the high protein and fat content in raw milk facilitate the growth hormones in your hair follicles, stopping hair loss.

Try this: Apart from consuming raw milk, try this hair mask for your head. For a Raw Milk Hair Mask mix equal parts, raw milk, honey and coconut oil. Massage this mixture gently onto your scalp and let it rest for twenty minutes. Rinse with a gently organic shampoo for best results.

If you are suffering from hair loss, check out this resource. If you don’t see a difference after using this hair mask regularly, please consider consulting our Doctors.

Skin Whitening with Raw Milk

That’s correct, raw milk for skin whitening. Of course, you are beautiful just as you are, but you may feel you could look a few shades lighter especially if you’ve been enjoying too much of the sun. Raw milk’s exfoliating properties and nutrients can help you with a fairer complexion. You can repeat our skin cleanser routine daily for fairer skin, or use some honey and raw milk as a mixture and rub gently on your skin. Rinse after two minutes with cool water for a lighter skin tone.

There are whole host of rich uses of raw milk and we hope you make the most of our milk beauty tips.


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