The Role of Stress on Your Body and One Thing to Beat It

by Allayurveda
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The Physical and Mental Effects of Stress

With things being more easily available, and accessible nowadays, there is an argument to be made about stress levels increasing. Stress can be brought about by internal stressors or external stressors. Simply, this means that your body as well as your environment can contribute to your stress levels.

Long term effects of stress

Chronic stress over a long period of time can induce several problems in the body.

Muscles Issues

Stress causes the muscles to tense, in most cases after the stress passes the muscle tension passes with it. However, in cases where stress is prolonged over a period of time the muscles are always in a state of constant half-tension. This can lead to early atrophy or skeletomuscular disorders. This can be part of a few potentially life threatening physical effects of stress.

Respiratory Deficits

This one can be significant if you have trouble breathing or ailments like asthma. Stress can cause you to breathe more forcefully causing a strain on your respiratory system.

Heart Troubles

Heartbreak is no longer a myth. Studies have shown that people with extreme levels of stress are more susceptible to heart disease and risk. It is even recorded that high levels of stress can cause a heart attack.

Stress and Sex

This one affects both men and women. Chronic stress can not only affect one's libido or desire, but can also change the ability to perform in men. Stress has even shown a correlation with erectile dysfunction.

Personal Causes of Stress

As mentioned above, stress can be caused by both internal and external factors. When it comes to the external factors, the key thing is to move away from the situation. This might be easier said than done but it is doable. Internal or personal causes of stress can be harder to deal with. In Ayurveda, personal stress like most things are caused by an imbalance within your three energies.


A simple way to get started to immediately reduce stress in your life is to meditate. Meditation is a tool to bring about peace and balance in your life. It is especially useful if used in conjunction with mindfulness. Try a simple guided meditation search on YouTube for a few great options.


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