The Top Two Sugar Substitutes To a Healthier You

by Allayurveda
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Why we Enjoy Sweets so Much

Having a sweet tooth can be tough, sweets are a hard craving to curb. Why? Well we need sugars in our body. Sugars are a source of energy that everyone requires to some degree. The problem is when we start consuming sugars in excess. Having too much sugar can adversely affect our bodies metabolic functionality this can lead to diabetes, and obesity.

Additionally today’s food at your local market is covered in sugar. From packagaged goods and fruits to even bread. Yes often brown bread isn’t brown due to flour and baking. It is coated in a layer of sugar which caramelizes in the oven giving it a brown coat.

Why? Studies have revealed that consuming sugar has the same effect on the brain as hard drugs like heroin. It releases certain neurotransmitters that replicate feelings of love, happiness and joy. It can even cause addiction.

This is why so many companies overuse sugar in their products. It enables consumerism. But as mentioned above these types of sugar aren’t healthy for you.

How to Rectify it

Here is the really good news, poor dietary habits can be fixed. Even at a bad stage. Although it is always better to catch these habits right off the bat. Bad diets can be forgiving before letting it slip into a disease ridden stage. Therefore there are sugar supplements, or rather sugar substitutes one can consume that can sate your cravings, yet have amazing health benefits that can help you with fixing your diet.

Honey or Sugar

The obvious choice is honey. Honey has great benefits from skin and hair, to even treating burns and wounds. It is part of a group of natural sweeteners that have the ability to sweeten things up yet keep you healthy. Our top pick is here. If you would like to read more about the health benefits of honey check this out.

A Power Herb in Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a power herb with a world of benefits. It is an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and can even reduce infections. However it is also a sweetener. A great sub for sugar, try using cinnamon in your tea for added flavor and sweetness. Furthermore cinnamon is a thermogenic that can naturally help stimulate fat loss.

The key to reversing sugar abuse is to change your diet. Try this diet plan to get you started.

Ditch excess sugar, listen to your body and learn to love it. Watch how it thanks you and give these two natural sugar substitutes a try.


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