The Ultimate Oil to Banish Stretch Marks

by Allayurveda
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Natural Ways to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Everyone can get stretch marks, you could be with child, losing weight dramatically or just sitting at a desk, and still get em. They could all lead to the development of stretch marks. Some people find these cool, but most would rather be without them. Following a daily skin care routine can go a long way in preventing and even erasing them.

Skin Care for Stretch Marks

Stretch marks can diminish with time and effort so with skin care oil for stretch marks you can make them appear almost negligible. Oils work on a basic premise of keeping your skin strong, yet supple enough so that the dermis remains elastic. Think of this like a rubber band that can get stretched and remain springy. This is what oil does.

Oil Skin Care Tips

Oils like olive oil are rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants. They work by promoting skin growth, and simultaneously deeply moisturizing the skin to keep it firm yet supple. Regular use of oil is especially useful during a term of pregnancy both before and after delivery. Doing so on a regular basis takes care of the vast irregularities that can occur in skin structure. Especially over rapid weight gain or weight loss as is seen in pregnancy.

Oli Oil for Stretch Marks

Oil oil is a blended mixture of olive oil, almond oil and sandalwood oil. These rich oils are blended to provide the maximum benefits to your skin by nourishing and hydrating it.


How to Use Baidyanath Oli Oil

When using the Baidyanath Oli Oil during pregnancy or if you have stretch marks, here is the best way to apply the oil. Gently heat up the oil till it is lukewarm between 32 – 34 degrees (C). Gently apply to the affected region in long, circular motions. Let the oil sit for an hour so that the vitamins and minerals may be absorbed into the skin. Then gently rinse the area and dab dry. Repeat this process daily and you should see results in two to three weeks.

The cure is preventing stretch marks though. So it would helpful to incorporate a great skin care routine into your daily regime. Check this one out here.


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