The Weight Training Overhaul For Women: Myths Busted!

by Allayurveda
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There has been a line drawn in the sand between men and women in exercise. A line that has been perpetuated by hooey information, and poor media advertising. The line we are talking is a myth about women’s workouts and weight training. This article is going to bust some myths and give you some much needed ‘gyaan’ to be a fitter, stronger version of yourself.

Imagine This:

Fitness can be a scary beast, and you just purchased your first gym membership. Firstly, congratulations, but you finally step into the gym and you see the weight rack crowded by grunting men, and indeed some women. The very sight of which can be extremely intimidating. You end up feeling overwhelmed. You make a beeline for the cardio station of the gym. The treadmill is a-calling your name and you step onto it with the stride of a meeting a familiar friend. 30 minutes later you’re done after burning your goals of 300 calories. You think you’ll try some weight training, but the rack is still full.

You head on over to the machine half exhausted from your 30-minute cardio session, read the instructions on the clunky machine and awkwardly look about yourself to make sure no one is watching. Then you push or pull on the machine as the little figures in the sketches instruct you, all the while thinking, “What fresh hell is this?”

At the end of it you’re in your car or on your way home feeling all the more disheartened than when you got in. You decide to stick to the gym but feel like cardio is your best bet,

“besides working with weights for women will make me bulky… Right?” You feel badly even though you had a decent workout.

But here’s the thing, don’t. We get it, it’s new and strange. The first step is always hard, and lifting weights is meant to be daunting for both men and women. But there are a few bogus claims out there that need to be busted for you to maximize your potential in the gym, and get the results you want faster. Most importantly, the quality of life you deserve.

Lifting Weights for Women

In regards to best weights for women, the truth is there are no magical weights that are the best weight. Arguably the best weight you have is a conundrum – because it is yourself. Move yourself, the rest will follow. But first let’s tackle some of the pseudo-bro-science myth number 1.

Lifting Weights for Women Will Make You Bulky

Nope. And before you say well look at those female athletes on TV. Stop! They are athletes for a reason. Their lifestyles revolve around performance and they consume the necessary calories and supplements to achieve that. Think thousands of calories over your healthy intake. Secondly and more importantly not follow an athletic regime as said athletes above, women simply do not produce enough testosterone to look like a “she-hulk."

Its time to overhaul your workout routine. Lifting weights will give you muscle but that is why you’re in the gym right? It’s a good thing! Gain lean mass, loose unhealthy fat, and mindfulness is what you are in lieu to expect. Reiterating the fact that it will not get you bulky. Lifting weights can tone those arms, giving you the former First Lady’s arms, with a dancers core and glutes.

Fat loss For Women Lifting Weights

The more muscle you have the more calories you burn. That’s a very simplified rubric. But in essence it is correct. But apart from that if fat loss is your goal from a weight lifting routine for women then think of this. Lifting weights is like a battery pack for your fat loss.

Now Imagine This:

You hit the gym, and hit a muscle group. Let’s say legs. You work up a sweat and now you find yourself wobbling your way down the stairs to your car. #legday #cryday. You plugged your body in the gym as you completed your first squat. You’ve finished your workout, but lifting weights pushes your body to keep charging, hours and even up to two days post your workout. You will continue to rebuild muscle and burn calories during that time. Now you feel amazing. Your weight your battery pack to weight loss.

This is undoubtedly a lot information to digest in one sitting. But there are amazing trainers, with training plans inclusive of nutrition you can find here. But for the simple guide here are a few small steps to follow.

  1. Eat to fuel yourself
  2. Warm up before
  3. Hit the weights
  4. Cool down stretch
  5. Love yourself

Get In your Head, You’re Dead. – Tony Robbins

So don’t get in your own head, or your own way, but do GET AFTER IT LADIES! Strong is the new beautiful.


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