These 4 Bombshells are Still Super Hot After 50!

by Allayurveda
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If you were under the impression that post 50, your sexy days are gone, then you need to think again. We’ve listed a few 50-year-old women in great shape to prove that fitness after 50 is not a myth! This Women’s Day we’re celebrating their dedication to fitness and hoping it will spread a little inspiration!

Sharon Stone

Have you noticed that Sharon Stone is still rocking that bikini bod at 59? The Basic Instinct star has not let age get the better of her. What you probably didn’t know, was that Sharon Stone actually suffered a near death experience because of working too hard to stay fit. She bounced back from that with grace and discovered less strenuous ways of staying in shape. She moved to a low glycemic diet that controls her sugar levels and insulin resistance. This protects her from high cholesterol, diabetes and hypoglycemia. If you are looking to switch to healthy low glycemic foods like Sharon, then you should consider quinoa, raw carrots, cabbage, tomatoes and apples. She prefers to go with herbal teas instead of caffeinated beverages. She moved to more dynamic workout routines like Pilates, Yoga and total body stretching. Oh, and she loves to dance! You know what they say, right? Dance like nobody’s watching. She also hits the gym for a bit everyday and practices light weights.

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres is still totally working that whole 40’s vibe. Would you look at her and say that she’s 59 years old? Ellen makes it a point to lead a healthy happy life. She believes that happiness is a key ingredient to stay healthy. She cut out sugars from her life completely and she’s also a vegan. She believes eating healthy not only keeps you fit physically but also mentally and emotionally. She’s a big fan of Yoga. She doesn’t like Power Yoga, saying that it doesn’t actually calm you down. She practices various yoga positions for a minimum of 60-90 minutes on a daily basis. She says that these yoga sessions help calm her down before she starts off with her busy schedule for the day.

Julianne Moore

It is just so hard to believe that Julianne Moore is 56 years old. She is definitely one the most desired Hollywood bombshells for her age. Oh, and she’s a mother of two. That should scream inspiration for all you pregnant ladies out there who are worried about losing your figure after giving birth.

Moore has always been a huge believer in yoga. She practices Ashtanga Yoga at least three times a week which has helped her maintain that lean figure over the years. She has recently started practicing strength training. This bombshell sticks to health foods like lean fish, eggs, and green veggies on a day-to-day basis. She also revealed that she goes on a detox diet or a juice diet every now and then. What’s even better, is that this supermom encourages her kids to eat healthy wholesome foods too!


Madonna is like the queen of pop and dance. At 58, she’s still releasing billboard hits with phenomenal dance moves. She is also in amazing shape, always has been too! Madonna believes in a holistic approach to staying fit. She is a big fan of dancing and most of her exercise is done in the form of cardio. She exercises for at least two hours a day and takes only one day of the week off. Apart from cardio, she mixes things up with yoga, pilates, swimming, cycling and weightlifting. Just like Julianne Moore, she loves practicing Ashtangna Vinyasa Yoga. Madonna follows a macrobiotic diet which includes wholesome foods like brown rice. A macrobiotic diet revolves around eating grains as your staple food and supplementing them with vegetables or beans. She avoids highly processed foods as much as possible. See? It’s not as difficult to have a body like Madonna’s, it just requires some dedication and will power.

Just like the Journey song goes, Don’t Stop Believin’, it’s never too late to get in shape!


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