These Diseases Don’t Have a Cure Even With Ayurveda

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Hold your horses guys, as much as we love Ayurveda, there are still some virus attacks and diseases without a cure. Ayurvedic remedies are known to keep lots of diseases at bay and cure them too. Although Ayurveda can greatly improve the condition of some diseased patients, there are still some incurable diseases which may not have Ayurveda cures.

Diseases Which Cannot Be Cured

Take a look at these diseases for which there still is no cure.


Ebola is a virus from the family Filoviridae. It is responsible for fatal hemorrhagic fever. Many outbreaks of the ebola virus have been recorded in humans over the past few years and the death toll due to this virus is on the rise. Some of the prominent characteristics of the virus in an infected patient are fatal fever, rash and hemorrhaging. Survival rates once infected by the virus are less than 10% and there is no solid cure found for it yet.


Lupus is an autoimmune disorder which is characterized by chronic inflammation and pain in various parts of the body. There are three types of lupus: discoid, systemic and drug induced. Discoid lupus affects the skin and does not usually affect internal organs. It is characterized by rashes, red patches and grayish brown scales appearing on the face, neck and scalp. Discoid lupus generally progresses into more severe forms of the disease. Systemic lupus generally affects an organ of the body like kidneys, lungs, heart and the brain. This is the most common form of the disease. It is very difficult to diagnose this form of the disease through symptoms as most patients experience different symptoms. The disease usually goes through phases in which it may be active or dormant.


Polio has been around for many years now. It is an infectious virus which affects the nervous system. Polio generally affects the legs and usually leads to paralysis. Some of the first symptoms are headaches, nausea, fever and muscle pains. The virus usually spreads through contaminated food and water. Most cases of the virus occur in children under the age of five. Although there are polio prevention drops given to newborn babies these days, if this is missed, there is no real cure once infected.


Aids, also known as Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome, is a transmissible disease of the immune system which is caused by the virus which is known as HIV. The final stage of an HIV infection is called AIDS. The virus attacks the body’s immune system leaving the patient vulnerable to all types of infections and diseases eventually leading to death. During the last stage of the infection called AIDS, the patients are usually affected by cancer and other fatal infections. Although there are some medications available now to help improve the condition of these patients, there is not permanent cure yet.


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