These Iron Men from the Film Industry Lead an O’Natural Life

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These iron men of the film industry adopted Ayurveda as part of their fitness routine through meditation and it worked wonders for them. Maybe their stories can work as inspiration for you to adopt Ayurveda in small ways too.

Sanjay Dutt

Sanju Baba is by far one of Bollywood's fittest celebs. He has shown us that age has nothing on him. Here’s how he stays fit.

Sanjay Dutt’s Fitness Routine

Sanjay Dutt works out twice a day throughout the week, allowing only one day for rest. Yep, that’s how he keeps his body built the way it is. Whenever, Sanju Baba feels like he has put on a few extra pounds, he resorts to mixed martial arts to drop the pounds almost instantaneously. He also works out on a cardio bike every day for about 45 minutes. He also does crunches and aerobic exercises. Let’s not forget his daily dose of weights.

In terms of diet, he tries to maintain a healthy one. He follows a salt-less diet with chicken, poached egg whites, fish and green vegetables. He prefers fruits or nuts as a snack.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold, also better known as the Terminator has maintained a metal-like body for years now. It was in the 70’s that he actually discovered the benefits of meditation and has been following it ever since. He believes that meditation is the best way to create a long and lasting mind-muscle connection. Arnold struggled with anxiety in the 70’s. He strongly believes that Transcendental Meditation which he practiced back then helped him cope with his anxiety and helped his career skyrocket.

Arnold Visualization Technique

Visualization has been a tool that Arnold has been using for years now, throughout his career. It helped him progress from an Austrian bodybuilder to a global strength training champion and then a Hollywood star. He used visualization as a technique until he achieved his first set of goals, after which he continued to press forward and pursue new ambitions. He strongly believes that his visualization technique has been a major contributing factor to his career and life success. It has helped him stay focused and get to where he is today.


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