These Remedies will Ensure You Sleep Sound Tonight

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Sleep disorders are a very common problem faced by a lot of us. Sleep disorders have a lot to do with various underlying problems which we may not even realize. Here are some simple and natural remedies to get you through the night.

Ayurveda for Insomnia

According to Ayurveda, sleep disorders generally stem from vitiated doshas. Aggravation of Vata and Pitta are all causes for sleep disorders. Vata type of insomnia can also be caused due to stress and anxiety. This leads to restlessness in bed.

Make simple lifestyle changes to help induce sleep

Exercise every day. Avoid exercising late in the evenings. Avoid caffeine for at least 5 hours before you sleep. Take a nice warm bath before you go to sleep. To balance Vata, put routine into your lifestyle. Fixed timings to sleep, eat and exercise.


Gentle yoga or stretching can help you relax and get you in the mood for some rest. Simple breathing exercises or stretches in bed should do the trick. Steer clear from power yoga as that will only leave you feeling more energized.


Melatonin is an important chemical required to induce sleep. Your body requires outside sources to get it. Rather than taking melatonin in a pill form, we would suggest you obtain it naturally through foods. Try foods like cherries and bananas.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile has been known to be a reliable remedy to help you doze off. It has muscle relaxing properties which can help you sleep. Here is a simple and delish recipe to make your own fresh chamomile brew.

¼ cup fresh chamomile flowers or 2 tbsp dry flowers

1 tsp lemon juice

Place the flowers in a teapot. If you’re using fresh flowers then use only the flower heads. In a separate pot, bring 4 cups of water to a boil. Pour the boiling water over the flowers in the teapot and let it steep for about 5-6 minutes. Add in the lemon juice and some honey to taste once lightly warm.

Turmeric Milk for Sleep

Haldi milk is an age-old remedy known to induce sleep and cure cough and cold. Milk contains serotonin and melatonin which are chemicals responsible for inducing sleep. Turmeric can reduce stress and relax your body.


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