These Young Celebs Have their Health ‘Affairs’ In Order

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Here’s another dose of our celebrity health columns to keep you in touch with the up and trending in the celebrity fitness routine and what’s not. Believe it or not, the relationship between celebrity and Ayurveda is becoming stronger every day. Take it from these young celebs who adopted the right attitude to their health.

Health Tips from Celebrities

These health and fitness tips are enough to make all of you Beliebers believe in natural living.

Selena Gomez

Check out this Disney kid transformed from the girl next door to the smoking hot pop sensation she is today.

Diet and fitness plan: Selena tries to stay clear of all those crash diets which do more harm than they do good. She believes that food is food and nothing should be off limits. This doesn’t mean that she goes overboard and eats whatever she feels like. She likes to maintain a healthy diet. She also tries to stay away from weighing scales. She does not believe that constantly weighing yourself is healthy. Selena tries to stay away from fast food as much as possible. She has moved to whole foods instead. She does, however, love the occasional M&M’s or Snickers. She also stays away from dairy products and chooses nut milks instead.

Workout: Selena’s workout is mainly in the form of her dance routine. She also does Pilates and ballet. She practices most of her exercises while dancing.

Justin Beiber

Beliebe it or not. This guy has his fitness quotient all figured out.

Workout: Justin’s workout plan lasts through the week. He takes two days off. His workouts are usually around 40 minutes per session and are built around compound or muscle joint exercises.

Diet: Justin sticks to a very firm diet. By the way, he’s also vegan. He sticks to a high protein breakfast. This gives him the energy he needs throughout the day. He tries to eat several small meals a day instead of eating two or three big meals. He swears by his green tea, coconut water and mineral water. He believes it’s most important to stay hydrated naturally. He also tries to avoid refined grains or processed foods. Instead he tries to keep things natural by opting for fresh fruits over processed fruit juices.


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