Things You are Doing that are Probably Hurting Your Eyes

by Allayurveda
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Jeepers Creepers, where’d you get those peepers! Okay, so you may not have watched "Halloween" for Valentine’s Day like some of us did #heartbreak #rip. But, here’s the thing, there are things a little more ‘on the nose’ about our eyes. We have the down low on eye health for you with couple of ‘no no’s.

No No Numero Uno

Can you sleep in contacts? Well yes, but the question is… Should you? Nope. Nada. Don’t Do IT! Contacts work like a barrier around the cornea, and while they improve your eyesight they also prevent oxygen from reaching it. Docs report from eye exams that sleeping with your contacts even over a small period of time, can cause damage and scarring to your eye tissue. Manufacturers have different guidelines about contact care for healthy eyes. But enough of the science shenanigans.

Here are two other reasons you should take off your contact lenses every night:

  1. Personal hygiene. If you bathe and brush your teeth twice a day, cleaning and caring for you eyes should be no different.
  2. Dry eye morning… Dry eyes are the worst.

Health Tip For Eyes Number Dos

Our second health tip on how to care for your eyes is … (drum roll). Don’t rub your eyes. We can hear mothers everywhere whooping, overjoyed. And as much as we love disagreeing with our mothers they have this one right. You have to give it to them. You just do. End of story. But why is rubbing your eyes bad exactly?

Well eyes are squishy, like grapes, if they are irritating you there is probably cause for it, and possibly even debris in them. Rubbing it runs the risk of pushing that particulate further into your baby blues (or browns, greens, violets – yes that’s a thing). Let your body do its thing, sort of like Beyonce and Tay Tay on stage #workit. Your tears take care of it, not to mention tears prevent tears (see what we did there?).

Why Eye Health?

Another incentive to just generally take care of your eyes is that you use them to see. Imagine for a moment not being blessed with the ability that we often take for granted. Or that you’re not be able to be petrified solid after watching Halloween. #grateful

Hope you’ve enjoyed our health tips for eyes. Eye care isn’t necessarily tricky if you follow these two simple rules. See well, live better!


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