Tips to Break Free from UTIs Naturally

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UTIs are like cold McDonalds. There are lots of herbs for UTI which you can use for a soothing effect and cure your UTI in no time. Here are some great tips on what you can do when they strike.

Natural Treatment for Urinary Tract Infection

A urinary tract infection generally occurs when the bacteria makes its way up the urethra. There are multiple causes for getting a UTI like having multiple sexual partners, aggravated Pitta, eating heating foods and holding urine in for too long. This condition is more common in females as compared to men. Here are some steps you can take as a natural UTI cure.

Make sure you use the loo when you need to. Don’t keep holding it in. If you are already suffering from a UTI, it’ll burn but it will help you in the long run.

Drink plenty of fluids and liquids, especially water. Water is one of the best cures for UTIs as it helps you flush out all the toxins.

Keep clean. Stay dry at all times. Make sure you wipe well especially after you use the loo. Steer clear from sweat and try to wear loose clothing when suffering from a UTI to allow air to pass through and keep your urethra dry.

Try to avoid foods like chocolate, citrus fruits, carbonated drinks and caffeine if you feel like you are getting affected by UTIs very often.

Symptoms of UTIs

Discomfort, pain and burning sensation while passing urine

Blood or pus in urine


Burning sensation in the urethra

Ayurvedic Treatment for UTI

Always drink a glass of water before intercourse. Urinate before and after intercourse.

Flush out bacteria by drinking plenty of water. You can even try drinking coconut water or barley water regularly.

Try to avoid using strong personal care products, creams and soaps.

Alternate between a hot compress and cold compress every half hour on the bladder.

Make a decoction of gokshura and coriander, both in equal parts and drink three times a day.

Also try this natural home remedy using carrots and spinach.

  • Take a handful of spinach leaves in a bowl of cut carrots.
  • Mix in ½ liter of water. Reduce this over a low flame for about 30-40 minutes.
  • Remove from heat and mash the vegetables to make a thick soup. Consume the soup at least twice a day.

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