Top 3 Tips to Get Jacked like Jackman: (No Fad Diets!)

by Allayurveda
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The Truth About Fad Diets, and How to Stay Lean Permanently

You get a diet and you get a diet, and you get a diet. If you feel like that resonates with you (minus Oprah) then that sounds about right. Diet fads and diet trends over the years have been flung out haphazardly in mad pitches to make a quick buck. The reality is fad diets come in and go out quicker than you can finish one round of your diet. If you are confused about which diet to try, or what the hottest weight loss trends are, we have the dirt for you.

You may not believe this but there was a time when smoking was believed to be conducive towards weight loss. Yep, smoking! Thankfully that diet trend was thrown out the window. Some other trends have ranged from diet pills, juice cleanses, and everything in between.

Do fad diets work?

So what’s the low down with the most popular fad diets, and their ability to help you get ripped, or shed a few pounds? Do they actually work? Well maybe… But most fad diets are nothing more than well-marketed gimmicks to fatten someone’s purse. They work because they may cause an initial spike in weight loss, you may even see results but they are not physically sustainable.

What do we mean by that?

Ever heard of the Wolverine? Hugh Jackman personified this role for over a decade and with each reprising part he has gotten constantly ripped. One thing he did for his shirtless scene in the Wolverine is called water dehydration, this is a method competitive body builders and even actors now use to get the look of being incredibly lean and vascular for a scene or to step onstage. It is impossible to live by doing this.

How to get jacked like Jackman

Do not get us wrong though. We are 100% believers in the Jackmans and the Amir Khans of the world. You cannot get to where they are without consistency. A trend in our articles reiterates that consistency is king. And that is the simple truth. Consistency with mentality, consistency with motivation, consistency with the gym, and most importantly consistency with diet.

If you really want to get super ripped or lose weight you have to understand that there is no cookie cutter shortcut to shred. You may want to consider consulting with a healthcare professional first. But these are the lifestyle choices to make that can help you on your fitness or weightless journey.

Tip one: Move yourself. Whether it’s a brisk walk or hitting the weights, start by getting physical. Have more sex for starters!

Tip two: Motivate yourself daily. People often think that motivation is one time thing. It isn’t. Think of motivation like bathing, and motivate yourself daily. Assuming you like personal hygiene (we aren’t judging… much).

Tip three: To change the composition of your body, the most important thing to take away is that it comes down to the kitchen. More importantly what you eat. 70 to 80% of any body transformation will occur in the kitchen and not the gym. If you’re looking for a super healthy diet options check this out.

Bring it all together

Realise the diet like your life, will not happen over night. Take it easy and,

"do your best and forget the rest"- Tony Horton.


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