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Top 3 Yoga Poses for Teeth Grinders and Jaw Clenchers

by Allayurveda
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The cause of teeth grinding in people isn’t necessarily clear. The National Health Society in the UK found a relationship between anxiety and bruxism. High stress work, long hours and poor sleep can also have links to bruxism. Additionally, another study showed a parallel between sleep disorders and teeth grinding. Surprisingly though, a lifestyle choice may be the answer on how to stop bruxism.

If you were wondering later into the night, “how to stop grinding my teeth” we have an option that you should check out. Yoga may not be the first thing you search for when ‘googling’ ways to stop teeth grinding. BUT! Yoga aids in stopping night teeth grinding, and we have the downward dog-low for you.

Yoga for Your Pearly Whites

Yoga and meditation are synonymous with processes of relaxation. Think about that for a second. Bruxism related to stress, ergo de-stressing would potentially fix the issue. These are some bruxism-stopping yoga poses that you can give a go to get relief.

Slow Start with Eyes Around the Clock:

The first part of relaxing is to close your eyes. Close your eyelids and move your eyes around in circles twenty times to the left, then twenty times to the right.

Warrior 2 Pose – (Virabhadrasana II):

This post expands your entire body for a great stretch with moderate pressure on your hamstrings and quads of your leading leg. Hold the pose for 10 breaths, or about a minute and some, then change. After that, switch sides, legs, and arms. Watch below:

The Camel Pose – Ustrasana:

This pose is done on the floor. Use a mat for extra comfort. It works by expanding your entire thoracic cavity and neck muscles. This pose can be a bit challenging if you are lacking in flexibility so ease into it. Or make sure you have a yoga block around for support.

The Bridge Pose – Setu Bandhanasana

Much as the name suggests, another pose done on the floor, which emulates the arch of a bridge. In this spine-lifting pose, you brace your abdominal wall as you thrust your hips upwards. It’s one of those poses where you may feel slightly light-headed but try and get through it. The end result is beautiful bliss. To see how it’s done check out the tutorial below:

Facial Exercises for Bruxism

If you notice that the teeth grinding is taking a toll on your bite, here are some easy facial exercises to keep practicing while on the go.

Stick Out Your Tongue

Position your tongue between your upper and lower teeth. This helps your jaw rest without clenching. The Lion’s Breath Yoga Pose is excellent for you yogis out there.

Warm and Snug Jaw Spa

Your jaw would love to be cocooned in the warm of a hot shower or wrapping a warm towel around your jaw to give it a comfy cushion. Massaging helps too.

We would like to say a good word about consistency here. With good reason. You won’t magically see changes overnight. You need to keep at it, like a practice. Well because Yoga is a practice: in and of itself. Keep at the proverbial fountain of youth, and not only will your teeth stop grinding but you are just going to feel amazing. Because you are! Give it a go!



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