Top 5 Super Recycling Hacks to Make Captain Planet Proud

by Allayurveda
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DIY Recycling Hacks with Everyday Products

If Captain Planet taught us anything it's the three “R”s. They are Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. Here are 5 recycling tips and hacks to make sure you meet your environmentally friendly quote for the year.

iPhone Toilet Paper Speakers

The first one is a beaut, and super simple to do with your smartphone. And all you need is a finished toilet paper roll. Cut a hole here, put the phone there and boom you’re done! Just make sure you use the speaker side down on and follow along for super easy DIY speakers in the video linked below.

T-shirt to Peplum Top

This one is for you ladies out there. We all go through heaps of clothes. Sometimes we toss them away. But on the rare occasion you want to save your favorite shirt and a few bucks in the process try this DIY t-shirt recycle hack here.

T-Shirt into Skirt

This is another topsy turvy treat for all the pretty ladies. Not too difficult either, but in this neat little snippet recycle and reuse an old shirt and transform it into a skirt.

DIY Fertilizer

Fertilizer is great to keep your plants healthy, this is especially true if you use an all natural fertilizer without harmful pesticides. Just using these three ingredients: eggshells, banana peels and coffee grounds you can make a great DIY fertilizer for household plants. This works great for herbs like basil, etc.

DIY Gift Box from Soda Bottles

Last but certainly not the least of the sheer amount of ideas out there for recycling DIY hacks is this really neat super cute gift box idea. You can make these in a jiffy from old soda pop bottles. Follow along below:


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