Treadmill or Trail: Which is the Better Workout?

by Allayurveda
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Indoor vs. Outdoor Cardio

There’s no denying that cardio forms the basis of a thorough workout routine. Though an important thing to consider is whether it matters if it is indoor exercise or outdoor exercise that’s more effective. Without doubt, the experience of indoor training on a stationary bike is way different than mountain biking. However, if you are someone who likes a good workout on a daily basis you will notice the difference between indoor cardio and outdoor cardio.

Indoor Cardio Outdoor Cardio
Indoor training is perfect for those who want to closely monitor their workout. Most treadmills and bikes will have built-in heartbeat monitor, calorie counter and speed indicator.

This works perfectly for people who are going through some sort of physical rehab as terrain, speed, etc. are adjustable factors in an indoor cardio session.

Benefits of indoor exercise include a certain level of safety, especially if you like to work out during early morning or late night.

Indoor cardio can be performed in a comparatively smaller space.

There are no bugs and allergens that are in the air during certain times of the year.

Help is close at hand in case you get injured.

Indoor exercise can be done in just about any weather conditions.

Overheating can be curbed by working out in air-conditioned spaces.

Outdoor cardio is just the thing for those who love the great outdoors. The varying scenery can set free the soul who loves to explore.

Breathing in the fresh, clean air can be therapeutic and boost the oxygen levels in your blood.

At times, the weather does not cooperate during outdoor exercise.
It is much harder to cut short a workout because it is not about simply hitting a stop button.

You can work out on different terrains so outdoor training is always interesting and challenging.

There is a vast variety of workouts possible: surfing, rock climbing, horseback riding, etc.

Most outdoor exercise is free of cost such as running, hiking and swimming (in the sea!).

You don’t have to wait for your turn like you would need to at the gym.

You get a free and fresh supply of Vitamin D.

Studies prove that the visual stimulation that outdoor exercise offers gives you a better workout.


Working out outside vs inside both have their benefits and drawbacks. Outdoor exercise has consistently proven to have more health benefits. The key is to balance cardio with strength training. Alternate between exercises that builds upper-body strength for one week with ones that boost lower-body strength in the next. The next go for something that uses all your muscles.


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