Triangular Foods are Trending and They’re Super Tasty

by Allayurveda
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We’re obsessed with taking pictures of the things we eat. You heard that right, #Foodspam is in. Ever heard the term #FoodPorn? We’re sure you have. We love the selfie generation. Don’t get us wrong, we think continuous Snapchats and Instagram streams of what you’re eating is super cute. Now here’s a food fact you should know about: Food when arranged and photographed in triangular shapes looks prettier. Did you know that waffle makers originally had waffle molds which were rectangular-shaped? Ever wondered why your favorite waffle place serves them to you in triangles ? Yes! The theory is true. Triangular food makes for yummy in your tummy. It’s the new ‘happy food,’ visually too and our top pick among all the differently shaped snacks.

Go Nuts Over Samosas

Mumbai’s favorite street food, samosas have transformed and migrated to different parts of the world. If you’re Indian, chances are that at some time of your life you have binged on these yummy treats. They started with the standard potato-filled samosas, those are the classics. Gradually we’ve seen chicken stuffed samosas, kheema samosas, paneer samosas and mini samosa bites. The trick is that the outer deep fried crust remains the same while the filling changes. Although samosas don’t rank too high on our list of healthy snacks, they’re far too delicious to resist so we advise baking them instead of frying.

Did Someone Say Nachos?

Who doesn’t love nachos? We all do, they are your daily dose of snackible goodness. We know they’re deep fried and unhealthy. Check out these quirky recipes to make them a little healthier for you. The best part is, you don’t have to compromise on the taste. Nachos and cheese is just the perfect forever combination. Always has and always will be. That’s why they are on our list of the best triangle shaped food.


Pizza is like the world’s most famous fast food ever! Originating in Italy, pizza has been reinvented over the years by different countries with their own twists. You’ll find everything from Italian thin crusts to the famous American deep-pan pizzas. We have started seeing a trend in healthy pizzas these days. You know, the ones that are baked on wheat bread, with healthy ingredients and the like. Let’s be honest, pizza is not the healthiest foods, so you have to revamp it with a wholesome veggies, feta cheese and unprocessed meats. Nevertheless, pizza is awesome! That’s why it’s on our list.

Love and Cheesecake

Did you ever notice that cheesecake slices are generally cut in the shape of triangles? Completely ignored fact until now. Who doesn’t love a little cake! Cheesecake is awesome. With all the new tweaks and fancy cheesecake versions we have seen trending over the past few years, red velvet is surely the most popular.

Watermelon Triangles

Finally, some healthy triangular food which we can vouch for! Isn’t watermelon just one of the best looking fruits out there? Cut them up into tiny triangles and your kids will love them. They look really funky. This refreshing fruit is soaked with nutrients and vitamins. It also contains loads of lycopene and antioxidants. Now you’ve found your pick of healthy snacks among triangular foods.

Triangular "Wiches"

Sandwiches are always a big hit, whether it’s with the kids or the adults. Cut your sandwiches up into little triangles, arrange them in a line and Instagram them. We promise that you’ll get multiple likes. You can go with brown bread, mix it up with healthy sandwich fillings or you can just go old school with peanut butter and jelly.


Waffles for breakfast have always been a classic. A few years ago, a few quirky restaurants reinvented waffles with uber cool toppings and, boom waffles were back. Let’s remind you that most places serve them up in cute little triangular cut outs with amazing toppings. You can get a nutella, banofee or even a make your own combo waffle.

We went all out with the ultimate triangular fun foods list. Now, it’s your turn to #FoodSpam.


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