Try these Home Remedies for Acne for Flawless Skin

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How to Cure Pimples Naturally

Over-the-counter medication for acne can have harmful effects on your skin, especially if it is overly sensitive. Some of the agents in OTC shampoos and meds is salicylic acid which has drying and astringent properties. Now you may think that’s great for acne, but it can cause your skin massive dehydration which in turn could lead to further breakouts and blackheads. Try a natural acne treatment routine that won’t have the adverse side effects of its over-the-counter counterparts. Here’s the skinny.

Potassium Alum for Acne

Alum works similarly to salicylic acid but is far less harmful to your skin. Dab some potassium alum on your skin especially if you have oily skin, it works by drying up your whiteheads.

Herbs for Acne

These list of herbs can deal quite well with reducing the symptoms of acne as well as treating acne scars. Let’s get to it.

Triphala aids in digestion, greatly cleaning your gut at the same time. Ayurveda believes that the root cause of acne can lie in the belly. In addition to triphala try bael fruit powder which naturally clears up your GI tract. You can find both of them right here!

Ayurvedic herbs can also be used topically as well. They work by cooling down your skin. You can use neem and aloe vera soap to achieve a gently cooling and anti-inflammatory effect on your skin. Buy neem and tulsi soap here – tulsi or holy basil is another powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

Natural Acne Face Cleanser

When regarding home remedies for acne, an all-natural face cleanser is right up there to leave you with glowing clear skin. Try out this recipe:

  • 4 tablespoons oatmeal
  • 1 teaspoon neem
  • 1 teaspoon licorice
  • 1/8 teaspoon turmeric

You can find all of these in our store. Mix the ingredients together with milk and apply onto your face gently dabbing around inflamed areas. Rinse gently after and feel amazing, clean and refreshed.

Herbs for Acne Scars

Acne and even chicken pox can leave behind scars. There is a simple home remedy for acne. You’ll need red sandalwood powder. Add some manjistha and turmeric powder to soothe any residual inflammation on your skin. Mix that with honey and rose water to make a paste-like consistency. Leave the paste on for 20 minutes and then rinse off. You will notice clearer, healed skin in about a month!

Lead a healthier lifestyle and you’ll notice that your skin clears up in a jiffy! For an added bonus, try the Sheetali Pranayama breathing exercise that helps cool you down. Check it out below:


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