Understanding How Different Genders Learn Differently

by Allayurveda
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Have kids of different genders? Did you know that gender specific teaching strategies actually existed? Here are a few things your kids need to learn separately based on their gender.

Gender Based Learning Styles

So how does gender affect learning? We'll help you. Learn all about gender differentiated instruction and create one of your own personalized teaching strategies for your kids.

Gender Specific Learning Strategies

It is true that many boys pick up less social cues than their female counterparts. Girls make more serotonin and oxytocin, so they are calmer and more interested in emotional connection. Boys mature more slowly than girls and girls have more of their cerebral cortex defined for verbal function.

However, there is very little gap between what girls and boys can learn. As children grow older, their home environment, their interests and their peers have the greatest influence over their behavior. By the time children are in the 12th standard, the differences between boys and girls are very little.

Developing a Gender-based Strategy for Your Kids

  • Encourage your daughter to play with toys and activities that allow them to use their grasping and manipulation skills.
  • Encourage your son to take study breaks and cheer them on to be more active during those study breaks.
  • Engage your daughter in sports to help her build confidence.
  • Try to help your kids break free from stereotypes. Get your daughter to participate in more gender neutral activities. Inspire your son to be open to all colors and don't encourage stereotyping colors and activities usually perceived as feminine from a young age.
  • If you have kids of both genders, try to establish group goals. This will help unite the family and encourage different gender sibling bonding. While establishing group goal, ensure that you assign individual accountability for certain tasks as well. Try to use each child's personal strengths while assigning individual tasks.

Now that you have understood the different learning styles between genders you will be able to create your own personalized learning model for your kids.


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