Video Games Could Be Your Way to a Sharper Mind

by Allayurveda
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Remember when we were kids and video games were a newfound reality which we couldn’t get enough of? Our moms would scream and yell at us to get off the computer and go do our homework. Much has changed since then. Video games these days are carefully analyzed and created to enhance the cognitive skills of children. There are video games that improve decision making, brain strategy games and even games to improve reaction time. These games can prove to be useful in inculcating important analyzing and decision making skills in your child’s personality.

Advantages of Playing Video Games

Here are a few reasons why you should think about allowing your kid to play for those extra fifteen minutes a day.

Video Games and Motor Skills

Video games can actually improve motor skills in both adults and children. Children who indulge in video games often learn motor skills much faster. Movement recognition video games are the best to enhance your motor skills. They can even help maintain one’s motor skills as we age.

Stress Busters

Video games have always been a great way to de-stress and get an adrenaline rush. Video games can also help reduce depressive feelings. Some video games are so captivating and challenging that winning the game can act as an ego-booster and give the feeling of achievement. Video games are considered a better stress buster than television because at least you’re enhancing your skills while you are at it.

Hand Eye Coordination

Video games also help in improving your hand eye coordination. Video games, when played in moderation, can actually improve your vision and train your brain to be sharper and look out for small details. While everything must be done in moderation, playing for too many hours does cause strain on the eyes.

Decision Making

Video games that require quick reflexes can also help improve one’s decision-making skills. This works especially well in children. These games challenge the brain’s cognitive ability to make sound and smart decisions quickly. They don’t necessarily need to be boring or educational to enhance your child’s decision making and cognitive skills.

Video Games for a Sharper Mind

Some of the video games you should try which will enhance your cognitive abilities are:

Strategy games: Stracraft, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty

Action role playing games: Diablo, The Elder Scrolls, Mass effect

Simulation games: Sim City

Puzzle games: 2048, Cut the rope series

Sports games: NBA, FIFA, Madden NFL

Adventure: Minecraft, Super Mario 64


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