We Bet You Didn’t Know a Healthy Diet Could Do This for You

by Allayurveda
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Below you’ll see a little something from us to you. This is very simply, a balanced diet chart. You may look at this and think oh another ‘eating healthy’ article, but reign in that pony. There’s more over yonder including some unexpected benefits apart from fast weight loss that you can gain by choosing to eat right!

Unexpected Benefits of Eating Clean

Plenty of them. With anything new that someone may choose to embark on, it’s best thought out and started with a plan. Having a daily healthy eating plan is much the same. You can use the food groups, and the vegetarian-only options mentioned above to make your own. Or a quick Google search will find you one quickly. Secondly, sticking to the plan is what is going to see you get the best results. Be consistent.

It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently. – Tony Robbins

Okay let’s get to the juicy stuff.


Eating right can save you some cabbage. And no we aren’t talking about saving on spending because you like take out. No, remember this is an unexpected benefits article. Eating a balanced three squares can help you with other costs too. Our top pick: Health Insurance.

Healthy food, healthy you. This quid pro quo of what you eat, and how your body responds to it, is a pretty fair trade off. When you eat right, you can notice changes in as little as a week. But life can be grim, and unexpected. Picking out a health insurance plan for you can help you and your loved ones out in a jam. But what you may not know as you enter the world of big boy/girl pants, is how it works. While choosing Health Insurance, a rep might very well ask you for, or check on your medical records. Alternatively, you may need a to take a physical. So you had better have a good bill of health or it could cost you (maybe even double).


A study conducted in 2015 by Sodexo (Food Services Company), revealed a correlation between employee productivity and health. It turned out that within their population groups, over a longitudinal 5 year study employees (and the company) saw a host of benefits. Some of these included:

A 13.5% increase in overall employee health.

A 4% increase in overall productivity.

A 4% decrease in absenteeism.

A 5.2% decrease in healthcare costs (See? ‘Casheesh’)

You might not think that 4% is a significant increase in productivity. But food service companies have strict guidelines for maximum efficacy. There aren’t any ways to be less efficient at a task, so a 4% increase is massive. Think of it almost like supercharging a rocket ship! As is a 5.2% decrease in cost. This adds up to millions. Research on startups have also revealed that without healthy diets and breaks, there is 66% risk of decrease in productivity. 66 Percent! Whether you work for yourself, or for a company you may consider implementing a healthy meal plan for your productivity

Mind in Weight

A proportioned balanced diet can help you lose weight as we’ve said before. But it has an intangible benefit as well. People often dismiss mental health care primarily because it is exactly that – intangible. Several peer reviewed studies have shown correlations between malnourishment and poor brain development. Alternatively, healthy diets such as the MIND diet have even shown to combat dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

On the back of that, food can regulate your blood sugar. Which correlates to your mental acuity and alacrity. Vitamin-rich foods and minerals have also been shown to battle depression, which according to the WHO (World Health Organisation) 1 in 4 people suffer from. Omega 3s have also been associated with this, and you can get them naturally from fish, or via natural supplementation.

Healthy eating has also shown to reduce the stress hormone cortisol. Mind Blown!

Clean healthy, hearty eating is more than a fad, more than some weight loss diet plan, its more because it allows you to be more, become more. A better smarter, stronger and happier individual. As always, eat well and live better!


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