We Dare You to Clean Your Face with Oil Today!

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If you’ve chosen Others and most likely have listed exfoliants, toners, etc. it’s time you added something else to your cleansing cabinet: OIL.

Yes, you heard us right. The superhero of facial cleansing is actually something you probably have a deep fear of (we understand that, given your oily skin). But trust us, we are going to show you an oil wash for the face that will deep clean, clear up acne, soothe red spots and fix dry, flaky skin. Is your mind blown already?

What is the Oil Cleansing Method?

Basically, it is using oil to gently cleanse your face of grime and bacteria without stripping it of essential moisture.

If you are still not convinced about oil washing for acne, stay with us because it is backed by solid biological validity.

Why is Cleansing with Oil Better?

While some of us may balk at the thought of adding more oil to an already “dirty” face, it is pretty much common sense if you think about it.

Basic chemistry rule: Like dissolves like

Oils are the most natural cleansers available as they have no harmful additives. Therefore, oil cleansing method involves using an oil that is suitable for your skin type to cut away the layer of dead skin, gunk and even makeup/sunscreen. The reason to be careful about choosing the right oil for your skin type is when you have acne-prone skin. In such cases, you’ll want to pick oils that are non-comedogenic (acne-causing)

Remember that you will only want to use organic, cold-pressed oils only.

Cleaning with oil is best for the following reasons:

  1. It doesn’t strip away your skin’s natural oils.
  2. Oil cleansing for dry skin or sensitive skin works wonderfully well because it’s gentle.
  3. Your skin will never be irritated by harmful chemicals.

How to do the OCM in 4 simple steps?

Step 1: Rinse your face with warm water to open up your pores.

Step 2: Pour about 10-12 drops of premixed oil (see below on how to mix your oils) into the palm of your hand. Massage the oil onto your face and let them sit sumptuously on your skin. If you feel there are some clogged pores, gently rub over them to dislodge the plugs.

Step 3: Run very warm water and soak a washcloth in it. Wring it out, so you have a damp (not wet) washcloth. Place this washcloth over your face and let the steam work its way into your skin.

Step 4: Now, slowly wipe away the oil without rubbing. Rinse the washcloth and repeat until you’ve wiped away all the oil off your skin.

If you’d like, you can now moisturize your face with a few drops of golden jojoba oil. Simply pat your face with the oil and let your soak in. The chemical composition of jojoba oil is very similar to your skin’s natural oils so your face won’t feel oily at all.

Which are the best cleansing oils for the face?

One way to premix your oil is to follow this thumb rule: Use 2 tsp of your chosen oil with 1 tsp carrier oil. This is just a starting point – change up the ratios of your oil cleansing method recipe if you feel that your skin is getting too oily or too dry. We’d recommend mixing the oils on a wash-by-wash basis so that you know when you’ve hit the spot and stick to that ratio. Keep in mind that the proportions might also change seasonally.

Cleansing oil for sensitive skin: Rice bran, grapeseed, jojoba (golden), sweet almond, calendula, sea buckthorn, safflower, apricot kernel

Cleansing oil for oily skin: Grapeseed, jojoba (golden), rice bran, watermelon, safflower, hazelnut, peach kernel

Cleansing oil for dry skin: Extra virgin olive oil, corn, avocado, sesame, sunflower, wheatgerm, sweet almond, sunflower, emu

Cleansing oil for acne-prone skin: neem, jojoba (golden), grapeseed, watermelon, apricot seed, hazelnut, sweet almond, sunflower, safflower, walnut, sweet almond, rice bran, carrotseed

Cleansing oil for mature skin: Rosehip seed, carrotseed, extra virgin olive oil, emu, red raspberry, camellia, avocado, sweet almond, argan


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