We Have ALL the Dirt on How to Stay Fit like Aamir Khan

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Aamir Khan has always been a fitness inspiration to most of us. He seems to seamlessly transform his body to suit the role he’s playing in is movies. Apart from this, he also maintains a disciplined fitness regime in between roles to keep himself in great shape. Here are a few ways through which Aamir Khan acted as an advocate for healthy living and fitness.


Aamir Khan makes sure he eats a healthy and balanced diet at all times, balancing the vegetarian and non-vegetarian ingredients perfectly. He tends to eat an energy fruit like a banana just before he begins his workout. He only eats multigrain rotis which are a mixture of bajra, jowar and wheat. He maintains a high level of protein through chicken and eggs, as well as green leafy vegetables. He tries to avoid consuming dairy products. The star encourages drinking a lot of water through the day to keep one energized. He also enjoys an occasional lime water or two through the course of the day. Aamir Khans weight loss diet comprises of mainly cutting out the carbs and sticking to fruits and vegetables.


Aamir Khan maintains a strict workout regime through the week. Some of the important aspects that he focuses on are

Monday: Chest exercises like bench press, decline press, dumbbell pullovers

Tuesday: Front shoulder press, shoulder press, upright row

Wednesday: Dead lift, T-bar row, seated cable row, fronted chin up

Thursday: Barbell curls, dumbbell curls, wrist curls

Friday: Short grips triceps press, rope pull down, dumbbell kickbacks

Saturday: Squats, lunges, leg extension, decline crunches, crossover crunches


Aamir Khan loves to practice his yoga. He loves to de-stress physically and mentally through Yoga. He also mentions that Yoga, Pranayama and meditation help keep him calm and relaxed. Aamir khan believes that Yoga has been an important part of his journey to natural wellness.


Aamir Khan has been known to be very disciplined with his fitness regime. He makes sure he eats lunch before 1 pm and dinner should be had by 8 pm. He believes that eating his meals at fixed times everyday is imperative for overall healthy well being.

Fun Fact

Did you know that for his role in the movie Dangal, Aamir Khan went through a complete overhaul in his meal schedule? Here’s what his schedule looked like.

Meal 1 at 4 am : 1 whole egg with onions and coriander.

Meal 2 at 6 am: 1 flat scoop of protein shake

Meal 3 at 8 am: 150 gm of fruit

Meal 4 at 10 am: 50 gm of poha

Meal 5 at 12 pm: 100 gm of tuna with bread

Meal 6 at 2 pm: 200 gm vegetables, 50 gm rice, 200 gm curd, 20 gm dal

Meal 7 at 4 pm: 150 gm fruit

Meal 8 at 9 pm: 200 gm vegetables, 50 gm rice, 200 gm curd, 20 gm dal

We unraveled Aamir Khan’s diet and exercise routines so you can take a little inspiration from his dedication and start your own journey to fitness today.


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