What Women Who’ve Lost 100 Pounds Know

by Allayurveda
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Weight loss is really hard work. Sometimes, we fall off the fitness wagon and need a bit of inspiration to get back on track. We have asked some successful women to share their tips for losing weight – and keeping it off. We know for sure that these extreme weight loss tips work because these women have lost 100 pounds or 45 kilos.


Go gradual. “I started with jogging or running for 15 minutes every day. I slowly worked it up to 30 minutes, and then further to 40 minutes. It was a slow start but I had to be patient with myself throughout.”

Be practical and know what to cut out. “When I was overweight, I would eat burgers and wraps every single day, plus lots of unhealthy carbs during the whole day – like croissants for breakfast and pasta for dinner. Then, I realized why I was unable to shed weight because the excess carbs were not conducive to weight loss. To become lighter, I started eating lighter. My meals are now fresh fruits, veggie salads, lean meats and nuts. I have totally given up refined flour.”


Don’t get discouraged if your weight loss plateaus. “I remember that sinking feeling when I felt like my weight loss goals were going nowhere. But you just have to keep going at it and push through for your goals to become reality. Never give up.”

Give your old favorites a healthy makeover. “I’ve always loved burgers, fries and shakes, so I started to make them myself. This time around I knew that they were freshly made, using only the best ingredients I could find (no chemicals!) and I baked instead of fried. I was so proud when I made my first batch of kale crisps at home and spiced them with Italian seasoning.”


Pack snacks for work. “When I was at my heaviest, my path to ruin was noshing on fast food at work whenever I had to put in extra hours or during those slow evenings. Now, I carry my own snacks like fruits, puffed fox nuts or seeds. This way I’m not starving and feel like I am more in control. I also stayed away from temptation on the way home from office which is lined with fast food outlets.”

Drink aloe shots every morning to promote weight loss. “All the fast food I ate gave me serious digestive problems and blood sugar levels were sky high. So I will share my natural weight loss tips with those who are overweight and suffer from indigestion or constipation. I consulted my Ayurvedic doctor and he started me on organic aloe juice. I started to drink one small glass of aloe juice diluted in pineapple or apple juice to make it taste better. Results were visible after two months. ”

Women who have experienced extreme weight loss take care of their diet. Here’s what and how you should be eating:


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