Why Taking A Cold Shower Is Good For Your Health

by Mradula Mahajan
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Cold showers might not sound like the best thing in the world and you probably will never step in for one of your own free will, but you should know that you are denying your body its numerous benefits. Cold showers are incredibly good for your health in ways you have not even thought of!

They have the ability to improve your overall health, fitness, and recovery. Before we move on to the benefits of cold showers, it will be surprising for you to know that those hot showers you take are a luxury, not a necessity. For ages, people were taking showers in whatever temperature of water available.

Benefits of Cold Showers

Burns Fat

Cold showers promote weight loss. As your body starts to shiver, it triggers the production of brown adipose tissue (BAT).

BAT is muscle tissue and are metabolically active. They are good for weight loss.

A blast of cold water makes our body utilize stored glucose and produce heat. They increase adiponectin levels, a hormone responsible for fatty acid’s breakdown, which further burns fat. Increased adiponectin levels also clear excess blood glucose, that when enters the body gets converted into fat by the liver.

Improves Blood Circulation

The thought of a cold shower in the morning might make you stay in the comfort of your blanket for five more minutes. However, you do not want to miss out on cold water baths’ benefits, as they are actually helping your body circulate blood better! Cold shower instantly upsurges your alertness and increase heart rate.

Increased heart rate will make you take in more oxygen and will assist in the circulation of blood around your body.

Refines Hair and Skin

Showers are more than just a cleaning process. A hot shower will dry out the skin, but an icy blast will tighten your pores and will prevent clogging. Cold water will make your hair follicles latch onto your scalp as the pores get closed.

You should prefer cold showers if you are one of those who experiment with their hair a lot. If you have dyed, straightened or permed your hair, then cold water will aid in maintaining good hair health.

Reduces Stress

Think again before you underestimate the power of icy baths. They are a powerful way of helping our mind become more resilient to negative emotions. The temperature assists in controlling the nervous system and generates a small amount of oxidative stress.

While a large amount of oxidative stress is not good for your health, a little dose of it every morning will make you stronger. Cold showers are a habit you should opt for if you do not wish to get frustrated or feel sleepy in those office meetings!

Gain More Willpower

By stepping in an icy cold blast of water, you are helping yourself be mentally stronger than ever. You learn to accept an uncomfortable situation, which further helps you to avoid temptations.

It will take guts to choose cold showers instead of hot ones, and every time you choose cold baths, you boost your willpower.

Bundling Up

benefits of cold showers

Didn’t think cold showers can benefit in such ways, did you? Also, you can obviously have hot baths just make sure to rotate the temperature gauge for the last three minutes. Make your baths more interesting by using luxurious and exotic shower gel or aromatic all-natural ingredients shower gel. Cold morning showers will also help with productivity and wake you up for sure!


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