Wine Whistle Wetting: Ayurvedic Dosha Edition

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Ayurveda used to wag a finger at hooch as a no-no. Like someone singing Sweet Caroline at a karaoke bar after having too much Sake (very off-key, sit down Amit). Ayurveda is a form of ancient medicine, and in those times any form of intoxication or use of stimulants was considered part of that no-no category. Or they had to be consumed with strict guidelines and preparation. But like any good platform of growth, Ayurveda has become open to the fact that alcohol in limited quantities can indeed benefit you. In particular, drinking wine according to your dosha can have benefits.

Ayurveda and Alcohol

Before we whine about wine benefits, there is a bit of a disclaimer. #legalitsnotmydoing. Two words — drink responsibility. Ayurveda and modern medicine, are both very familiar with some of the less pleasant correlations of booze (not just poor karaoke Amit). Alcohol can abuse can lead to death… (you can imagine said ailments that could lead one down the swan’s path).

On the back of that, studies have shown that moderate consumption of alcohol, and wine in particular can be therapeutic, improve circulation, and have anti-oxidizing properties. But so can eating oranges and going to the gym… just saying. Okay, let’s get to the health benefits of drinking wine for your doshas.

Ayurveda is all about balance and harmony. As such would the ideology of bringing alcohol into your system would embody that sense of creating balance. The consumption of wine must facilitate your ojas (bodily energy).

The Right Wine for Your Dosha

First things first, get in the mood. You must create a a positive space around yourself and your friends. Feel good first before opening that Cab Sav. If you don’t do this first, alcohol has a larger propensity to be a depressant instead. (This is why Amit is singing Sweet Caroline at a bar).

Secondly, you must know your Ayurvedic dosha to ensure you’re on the right path to tasting, serving and pairing. If you don’t know your dosha, do a quick quiz here.

Pitta: Mature, older red wine is great in small quantities. But Pitta personalities can sate their wine need with sweet white wines like Chenin Blanc or Riesling. This will surely help you unwind. Beers are the best for heaty Pittas as they are made from cooling hops and malt (heavily Kaphagenic). Fruit ciders of any kind are your go-to.

Vata: Sweet wines will work wonderfully well for you too. Try a Chenin Blanc or Riesling, if you are looking of something with a touch of color try a Rosé from the Barossa Valley in South Australia, known for their quality Rosés. Sweet beverages like pale ales are great for this airy dosha that dislikes dry, heating spirits. But remember that beers are carbonated, which means that they contain a good amount of Vata — drink wisely.

Kapha: No wine for you! Just kidding, no need to panic you too want to try some red wines. But what you’re looking for a red wines heavy in tannins. Try a Cabernet Sauvignon, our personal favorite amongst an office wide consensus. You might also get your buzz with a robust wine like a Shiraz or a Merlot with a deep bouquet and flavor profile. These wines will get the Kapha fire’s burning.

Give those wines a try and remember, drink responsibly. As always, drink well and live better!


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