Yogi and Yoginis: Which Yoga Shows the Quickest Results?

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Yoga for Fitness (Fast)

A question we often get asked when it comes to yoga and Ayurveda is what are the best yoga poses for weight loss, or yoga for strength. Yoga is a crucial part of Ayurvedic practice. And not solely focusing on the physical aspects of yoga, but also the psychological and mental benefits of yoga. However, with the addition of the modernization of yoga in the mainstream exercise we can see that yoga can be extremely useful for fat loss.

But if you’re looking for yoga for quick results, here is what you need to know. Yoga, like with any workout program and diet plan, can get you results fast. So long as you commit to the program and follow the meal plan. If yoga is your cup o' Joe, then the best yoga poses to burn fat, get toned, and get strength is by focusing on power yoga.

What is Power Yoga

Power Yoga is a branch of Ashtanga yoga. These are vinyasa-based movements which are fluid in nature and involve the whole body.

Power yoga can benefit an individual by reducing stress, and increasing strength, stamina and flexibility. Power yoga can also increase a body's internal metabolism which helps in weight loss. This is the key to a total body transformation and the quickest way to get results, inclusive of dropping weight and gaining strength.

Yoga for Weight loss

Because of the intense nature and quick full body movements, your entire body is activated forcing your joints and muscles to strain themselves. This is the key that leads to weight loss. Simply said, It is because power yoga puts your body in muscle building and fat burning state. Now fat deposits are used up to provide the body with energy, instead of being stored around your butt and belly.

Now power yoga is not wholly Ayurvedic, as mentioned above. Also power yoga can cause injuries if not practiced under the supervision of a licensed professional. So hit up a yoga studio, tell them about your goals and get after it.

Follow along with this video guide below and see results in as little as two weeks!


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