You Put the Lime in the Coconut for Your Cholesterol

by Allayurveda
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What we are talking about is H20. OK not exactly, we are talking about water though. Just the coconut-y type. Coconut water! Not only does this liquid gift from the gods taste amazing, but also has a heap load of health benefits for you. Plus it tastes great with ice, lime and some pineapple juice… (Hint: You are well on your way to a pina colada).

So let’s jump into it. There are people who have survived for months before being rescued on just coconuts (Tom Hank’s style). How coconuts? Well yes, they probably ate everything and used up enough husk to build a small husk figure of themselves. BUT the real MVP is in the water. Coconut water is packed with vitamins and minerals, and is rich in nutrients. That accompanied with its tender flesh can pretty much sustain a human body in and of itself. Not that we recommend a coconut only diet. Coconut water is also really good for your ticker as it a natural cholesterol reducer.

Coconut Water for Your Heart

Here’s some of the science #sciencebaby. Coconut water lowers cholesterol (the bad kind) while stabilizing the good. Research also revealed that coconut water can cause an optimization of your blood flow.

Okay, so here’s the thing:


Simply put, that translates to something akin to going to mechanic and having your oil changed. Good cholesterol is like a gentle massage for your arteries, keeping them supple and strong. While the bad can cause plaque. And no, its not something you’d hang on your wall of achievements Amit! It’s the kind that can lead to heart disease.


Another unusual coconut water health benefits is that it can be used as a sports drink. Hear us out. A lot of the artificial kinds are packed with sugar. The juice in the juice of a sport drink comes from electrolytes. These guys replenish the essential salts you lose while hitting a hard gym session. You can get the same without the artificial color and sweeteners with some good ole fashioned agua de coco!

Also as an homage to the title, lime works pretty well with coconut. Not only as a flavor booster, but also because it helped pirates. Yaar Matey! Lime and coconuts were often used to battle constipation and scurvy. So don’t be a landlubber, and put the lime in the coconut! Savvy?


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