Zen in The Art of Weight Loss (The Beginner’s Guide to Not Sabotaging Yourself)

by Allayurveda
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Greetings fitfam! Whether you are trying to lose several pounds, or just trying to trim down for summer the very concept of weight loss is daunting, and let’s be real for a second – it’s the worst. The actual, literal, figurative, existential worst, much like mayonnaise and fries. Or Fifty Shades of Grey. But we digress, if it’s a little stomach fat loss, or getting ripped for the beach; we have an overall best slimming tips ‘game-plan’ for you. Let’s get to it!

Diet, Er… Consistency

There are few words in the King’s English that are less accurately understood than that word.

“Break it down,” ye say.

“Sure!” says we.

Weight loss is a lot simpler than you think. Why? Because the biggest secret to getting anything done, yes anything, is consistency. There are several foods to consume that could be considered as weight loss foods. Eating clean is going to give you the biggest bang for your buck: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, clean fats and proteins is what you’re after. But that doesn’t mean you can eat your body weight chicken breast and fruit salads. To loose weight, stay in a caloric deficit. You can find online calorie calculators that will help you find that number. Remember, sticking with your diet is going to give you the fastest results.

Flabby, Fatty, Fat burners

These nuggets are diet hacks. They work by manipulating your metabolism. In essence jumpstarting it. We recommend an all natural weight loss fat burner for one simple reason. The artificial ones have gnarly, with a capital G, side effects like jitters and the much-dreaded energy crash. Our pick is Green Tea: This tea has been used in ancient cultures for their sedative, and metabolism boosting properties. It works by triggering our bodies natural thermogenic fat-burning processes. Green tea used as a supplement can get you quicker results in as little as three weeks, when coupled with a clean diet and exercise.


Remember consistency? Well it’s still king. Coupling your diet with exercise is the golden ticket to a new body. But get off the weighing scale. The scale lies to you, and can vary throughout the day. The best reason why the needle isn’t moving is because you are turning that fat into muscle when you exercise. Muscle is denser than fat, therefore the scale stays the same. So don’t trust the scale on your journey to getting lean, stay consistent, hit the iron and trust yourself. TIP: Take progress pictures to really gauge your journey.


Someone once said, “you mind you." That is the secret, you’re in control. Taking the time to read this suggests that you are ready to commit, and make a consistent investment in yourself. That’s half the battle won. Trust the process, don’t beat yourself up, and enjoy the ride.


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