• Based on the principle of manipulation of crucial pressure points in the body, accupressure cures difficult and chronic aches and pains – backaches, spondylitis, abdominal cramps, neurological disorders, arthritis etc. These pressure points, over a 1000 of them are actually small nerves about a centimeter in diameter and varying in depth between a quarter of an inch to several inches. – are often embedded in or near a muscle or tendon.

  • Adds life to those limbs that have been partially disabled.

  • Safe and effective, it involves no pin-pricks, no heat fomentations, nor any chemical or electric stimulations. However, it is a very exact art and should be carried out by a trained practitioner, absolutely sure about the pressure points to be tapped and the correct pressure to be applied.

The fundamental difference between these two systems being :



  • A form of physiotherapy that indulges in massage and stimulation of precise points of the body.

  • To ease all kinds of aches and pains and provide relief from tension, exhaustion and disease.

  • A form of surgery where needles are penetrated into specific points of your body.

  • To cure chronic aches and pain.

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