• The modern name is derived from the Latin words Acus (needle) and Punctura (penetration). It is, however, an ancient Chinese art of healing that sticks needles into a patient’s skin or even muscles to correct imbalances in the `yin’ & `yang’ of the body.

  • Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, one of the oldest medical texts in the world, comprises a special section called `Magic Gate’, which is devoted to this therapeutic style.

  • Although modern acupuncture charts more than 2000 points in the body – located along invisible energy called `meridians’, 12 channels in each half of the body and 2 major channels (Ren & Du) along the middle line – traditionally there were only 365.

  • The western explanation for this is that a needle inserted at specific acupuncture points of the body releases certain chemical substances, that activate neuro-transmitters, which then pass on nerve impulses to the brain to obtain the desired effects. Must be performed by trained practitioners only.

The fundamental difference between these two systems being :

  • A form of surgery where needles are penetrated into specific points of your body.
  • To cure chronic aches and pain.
  • A form of physiotherapy that indulges in massage and stimulation of precise points of the body.
  • To ease all kinds of aches and pains and provide relief from tension, exhaustion and disease.

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