Aura Therapy

Every substance in the universe, both living and dead tissue, emits energy and has therefore a radiation pattern. This radiation, termed ‘aura’, thus forms distinctly different force fields in the case of each item, in the same manner as a fingerprint. The individual auras are in contact with a universal field of spiritual energy from which they draw their power.

Artists and mystics have from ancient times seen and portrayed this effect all over the world. Aura therapists say that although we are usually not aware of it consciously, auras, rather the effect of interacting auras, determine our first responses to people and situations. Developed and understood properly, it is a quicker and more sensitive gauge than more rational faculties. The unease or elation that one feels immediately on meeting another person is thus caused by the auras being in harmony or without it.

The auras of plants, animals and minerals are said to communicate and interact with one another as part of a single living system. Each person’s aura is thought to be made up of the radiation from all the cells and chemicals within the body and their interaction. The visible aura, which is much in evidence in all religious texts, is said to be an oval extending from a few centimeters to a meter around the body, sometimes more at the head. The light being composed of seven coloured rays, each associated with particular organs of the body and conveying a distinct message. The variations in shape, colour & strength a reflection of each individual’s uniqueness.

Therapists believe that personality and emotions too can be interpreted from auras. One with soft, fringed edges for instance is likely to indicate a person too susceptible to the influence of others. Firm but fluid boundaries would indicate openness but not vulnerability. And a hard, distinct outline belonging to one who is defensive and insecure. Similarly, lots of red within the aura would indicate anger while a predominance of blue would stand for idealism.

Treatment comes in the form of adding extra colours to improve a dull or depleted aura or using complimentary colours to offset to help balance one that is too strong. The therapists only acting as conduits for transferring the universal spiritual energy into the auras of patients, by touching the latter’s auras or by using visualisation to transmit energy. However, active patient in the entire process is extremely crucial which involves their becoming more self-aware of their spiritual nature.

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