Bael Fruit

Common Name: Bengal Quince, Stone Apple, Golden Apple, Holy Fruit Tree, Bel, Bilpatra, Beli, Bilva

Botanical Name: Aegle marmelos

Active Agents: Marmelosin, alloimperatorin, marmelide, tannic acid, marmin, umbelliferone, isoimperatorin, isopimpinellin, skimmin, marmesin, marmesinin, fatty acids, beta-sitosterol

Uses of Bael Fruit

Digestion: Eat bael murabba to stimulate digestion.

Jaundice and Bronchitis: Consume 10 to 15 ml of bael fruit juice to cure jaundice.

Diarrhea/Dysentery: Take bael fruit powder with honey, jaggery or buttermilk as home remedy for diarrhea.

Morning Sickness: Raw bael fruit pulp along with little sugar can stop nausea.

Peptic Ulcer: The leaves are soaked overnight in water and the water is strained and taken in the morning is an effective remedy for peptic ulcer.

Cuts Cholesterol: Bael fruit contains fibers which help in preventing absorption of cholesterol in intestine. Bael juice also helps in reducing blood cholesterol levels and controls tissue lipids.

Ayurvedic Supplements

Bilwava Lehya

Bilwadi Churna

Bilwa Taila

Isabbael (H)

Gangadhar Churna Vrihat