Common Name: Bhangra, Kesharaja, Markava

Botanical Name: Eclipta alba

Active Agents: Mainly coumestans i.e. wedelolactone (I) and demethylwedelolactone (II), polypeptides, polyacetylenes, thiophene-derivatives, steroids, triterpenes and flavonoids. Other constituents includes thiopene derivatives e.g. Ecliptal; saponins viz., hentriacontanol, 14-heptacosanol; flavonoids e.g. Luteolin-7-O-glucoside; alkaloids and polypeptides.

Uses of Bhringaraj

Alopecia and Hair Loss: Apply the juice of bhringaraj or a paste of the powder on bald areas. Let it dry for 20 minutes, then wash off to stimulate the growth of healthy hair.

Eye Disorders: Put two drops of bhringaraj juice in eyes, after or before sunset to cure eye pain and swelling.

Take 10 gm powder of shade dried bhringaraj leaves, 3 gm honey and 3 gm ghee. Mix well and take every night before going to bed to cure eye disorders.

Blood Pressure: Take 2 teaspoons of juice of bhringaraj leaves with a teaspoon of honey mixed in it to normalize blood pressure. This remedy is sometimes observed to cure BP permanently.

Stomachache: Grind 5 gm bhringaraj leaves with 500 mg black salt and a little water. Strain the solution and repeat the dosage for 3-4 times a day.

Ayurvedic Supplements

Bhringaraj Taila

Mahabhringaraj Oil


Bhringaraj Powder