Common Name: Baheda, Beleric Myrobalan, Bahera, Bahira, Bilhitak, Vibhidhaka, Bastard Myrobalan, Bedda Nut

Botanical Name: Terminalia Bellirica

Active Agents: B- sitosterol, gallic acid, ellagic acid, chebulagic acid, galloyl glucose, fatty acid, protein, oxalic acid, tannin, palmitic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, galactose, glucose and ethyl gallate

Uses of Bibhitaki

Sore Throat: Dissolve a teaspoon of bibhitaki powder in a glass of warm water and drink. You can also gargle using this water.

Asthma and Indigestion: Mix equal quantities of licorice root, long pepper and bibhitaki powder. Take about 2 tsps of the powder and boil it in 500 ml of water till it reduces to about 300 ml. Drink 100 ml of this decoction twice daily.

Dental Problems: Use the above mentioned decoction as a mouth rinse to treat ulcers, bad breath, etc.

Skin Healing: Apply a paste made with bibhitaki powder and honey to wounds to disinfect, calm inflammation and speed up healing.

Premature Graying and Hair Loss: Use in hair masks to boost hair growth and impart black shine to hair. For best results, use the classic formulation of triphala with amalaki and haritaki.

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